11 Ways Businesses Can Cut Energy Costs

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11 Ways Businesses Can Cut Energy Costs

Energy is always a big focus for businesses as no one wants to spend more than they need to, that’s why we have put together our list of 11 ways businesses can cut energy costs.

Perform an audit

A good place to start is with an energy audit, taking a deep dive into all of the data you have currently available to you, it varies from business to business. This not only gives you a benchmark but also can quickly highlight areas where you are currently spending too much.

If you already have some form of energy management system, review the data from the past few years to see if you notice any anomalies or usage that at a glance looks excessive.

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Switching to newer light fittings

When it comes to energy consumption, outdated equipment is often a cause of spending far more than you need to. Technologies have improved over the years and become far more efficient, an example of that being LED lighting. Making the switch from old fluorescent tubes can save up to 70%!

Checking building insulation

In areas that you are heating, check the insulation, you could be heating an area that is losing all that warmth at an alarming rate. Poorly insulated buildings mean buildings are constantly fighting to stay at the target temperature the heating is set at, costing a good amount in the process.

Identifying wasted energy

This is a broad one but easy to notice if you’re looking daily. For a big business, it can be easily missed if you aren’t on the so-called ‘shop floor’ so taking the time out to look at the processes and activity help. It can be something as simple as you constantly have shutter doors open right next to your temperature sensor so the sensor won’t ever reach your target temperature, leaving the heating working all day.

The other easily noticeable wastage areas can be simply either leaving on or having the heating and lighting scheduled to be on when people aren’t in the building. It’s a good idea to check the schedule periodically.

Installing an energy management system

If you haven’t got one already, energy management systems are extremely effective at lowering energy consumption, especially in locations such as manufacturing and logistics warehouses. A system like the Energy Manager 2.0 can save a guaranteed 25% on energy usage with its smart technology. On top of that, it provides you with real-time data so you can analyse your consumption with a deep dive to highlight areas you could save more.

Ensure staff switch off equipment

We are all guilty of it, leaving items such as computers on standby rather than switching them off. When added up across an entire business, it can make a difference and that’s without even thinking about leaving lights on in rooms we aren’t using anymore.

Switch energy supplier

It’s a simple one but when your energy contract is up for renewal, shopping around saves you significant amounts as you can end up with exponentially higher out-of-contract rates.

Check for energy-saving features

With all the technology in businesses these days we know that we are always ‘plugged in’. A lot of the technology we use comes with pre-installed energy-saving features but not all of them are turned on as a default. One great example is on our laptops and computers, double-check that the energy-saving mode is on and that screensavers are turned off.

Government grants

With the global pressure to lower our impact on the planet and create a sustainable future, governments have made a lot of grants available for a range of technologies and investments. In particular here in the UK, there are grants available to install EV chargers to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

Calibrate sensors that attach to your energy systems

For those that already have some form of energy management system installed, it’s important to consistently calibrate your sensors. Inaccurate sensors could undo all your hard work and the benefits of the system itself.

Get employee buy-in

Now it isn’t always an easy mission but getting buy-in from your employees and colleagues to treat their energy consumption as if it was their own goes a long way. You’ll start to see people going out of their way to recycle, turn lights off, travel to work by public transport and more.

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