4 Things Energy Managers Should Be Doing to Further Reduce Consumption

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4 Things Energy Managers Should Be Doing to Further Reduce Consumption

With businesses having more challenging environmental targets either self-enforced or due to government legislation, Energy Managers and Facility Managers have the tough job of finding those extra savings and championing sustainability. We delved into some of our previous experiences to come up with four things energy managers should be doing to further reduce consumption.

Analyse your data

Data can be so powerful in all areas of a business and if you can pull yours from an energy management system to analyse your usage, you can make data-driven decisions that positively impact your energy consumption. For example, comparing periods of time can show you trends in your energy usage which helps you establish a baseline for expected energy usage and costs, this allows you immediately spot and spikes or drill down into where further savings could be made.

Health check for your EMS

Carry out a building health check

When was the last time you gave your building a health check? Or at least reviewed some of the technology within it? This could be the building itself and whether it has sufficient insulation or items within it that consume power on a daily basis. Dated technology can sometimes use energy at a significantly higher rate, in particular, light fittings where switching to LED lighting can save up to 70% in some cases!

Something else to consider in your health check is the calibration of your energy management system sensors to ensure they are reporting accurately. When the sensors are even slightly inaccurate it can see wastage add up across a year.

Look at your supply chain

Once you have spent all this time looking at bettering your own business and reducing your carbon footprint, it’s also important to look externally and understand the impact of your supply chain. The hard work you have done to lower your company’s impact on the environment could be overshadowed by a supplier that isn’t reaching the same ‘clean’ standards as you. If you are in the position to, you may want to switch to a supplier that falls in line with net-zero goals and helping reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Evaluating future saving opportunities

Now, this may sound broad but bear with us. There are potentially some quick wins that we have mentioned above but planning ahead for the future will help you get ahead of the game. One point to look at is the rise of electric vehicles, whether this is fleets within organisations or employees travelling to and from work.

Going electric and installing a charging network for both points mentioned will reduce the fossil fuels consumed on travel across the business. Now that there is momentum on the side of EV, there is no better time to invest in chargers.

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