4 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

If you could shave money off your energy bill, most businesses would jump at the chance, which is why we have put together 4 simple ways you can reduce your energy bill.

Smart Meters & Energy Management Systems

Understanding how much energy you are consuming and when you are consuming it is a good place to start as that allows you to use the data to make positive changes. That’s where a smart meter and an energy management system comes in. If you can see the areas of your business that are using the majority of your energy, you can delve deeper to see if all of it is necessary. In some instances, it is simply people leaving lights and heating on when they aren’t required. Even turning the heating down by 1 degree across a year makes a significant impact on your bills.

An energy management system goes one step further than a smart meter. Accurate sensors not only mean you reach your target temperature and no more but they also adjust the time your heating comes on depending on the inside and outside temperatures. If you want to learn more about an energy management system and what it could do for you, get in touch with our team today on 0161 5076862.

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Switch to a New Provider

It’s a simple thing to check but it often gets overlooked, are you in a contract that has good energy prices or are you in out of contract charges which have you spending far more than you need to be. Doing a check of the deals on the market when your contract is coming to an end is vital as you could just be overpaying for your energy. Switching providers isn’t as difficult as you might think and there are a variety of comparison sites that you can choose to help your search.

Ensure Your Property is Insulated Properly

We can’t see the heat that’s being lost from our building which is why we sometimes forget to even look at how well properties are insulated. If your workplace is poorly insulated then you will be spending money to heat a building that is constantly losing that heat. It means your heating system will have to work harder and be on longer to maintain the target temperature that you’ve set. If you’re not sure about your insulation then speak to an expert who can guide you to making the right choice.

Employees Can Help

Your employees and colleagues can help in several ways. If you have advocates for sustainability in your workplace encouraging people to turn lights off in rooms they aren’t using anymore, checking that computers and machines aren’t just left on standby, it can end up being infectious behaviour that everyone starts adopting.

Getting buy-in from colleagues also helps when it comes to checking windows and doors are shut when your heating or air conditioning is on, helping you lose less energy. All of these small changes can add up to huge savings and are worth checking.

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