7 Features You Might Not Know An Energy Management System Can Do

Energy Management systems

7 Features You Might Not Know An Energy Management System Can Do

Most people understand the basics of an EMS and the benefits that come with installing one, such as, lowering your energy consumption which not only saves on a company’s bottom line but helps save our planet. However, there could be features you didn’t even realise could be integrated with your EMS so we put together a list of seven features you might not know an energy management system can do.

Real-time data monitoring

Along with the savings, an EMS will automatically make you through the smart technology, data is one of the most important parts of the system. Real-time monitoring will allow you to notice anomalies as they are happening, rather than having to wait to reflect on the data weeks after.

The Pilot Group EMS also allows you to monitor not only the usage in whichever unit appropriate but also in cost and burn times, meaning the data is relevant for various members of the organisation.

Integrate your EMS with meters

Integrate with your meters

The metering feature makes it easier than ever to keep track of your energy consumption which we know is important for environmental reporting. Outstations, combined with existing gas and electricity meters, detects the pulses in the meter and converts this into the required unit. From there, you can input your energy tariff to get a monetary value, even changing your tariff for set periods to ensure an accurate figure.

Control your lighting

Why stop at just scheduling your heating for the shift patterns across the year when you can reduce the chances of human error and wastage by also controlling your lighting. The integration also allows you to control DALI compatible lighting to lower light output in areas where less is needed.

Software updates and new features added remotely

With the right agreement, the software can be updated remotely, meaning you don’t need to wait for an engineer to come out and manually install it. This is also a benefit when it comes to fault finding, simple bugs or errors can be fixed by technical and development teams remotely, getting you back to 100% with much less waiting time. Certain new features may also be able to be updated remotely!

Remote Access

Gone are the days of needing to be on-site to review your energy usage, schedule heating times or make changes to your energy management procedures. You can now log into the system from any device with internet access, a feature that is particularly helpful for users who are looking after multiple sites.

Control air conditioning

Just like your heating and lighting, you can now control your air conditioning from the Pilot Group Energy Management System. If there is a heatwave predicted you can get ahead of the game and schedule in air conditioning times to keep everyone in the office happy whilst also ensuring it isn’t tampered with by multiple people throughout the day (we have seen lots of energy wastage when it comes to temperature due to heating and air conditioning controls).

Energy management system panel

View multiple sites on one admin account

As we briefly mentioned earlier, remote access can be invaluable for a Facilities Manager who is responsible for multiple sites and you can now have an administrator login that lets you manage all your sites from one convenient place. This is also key when it comes to comparing the energy usage of similarly sized properties to check if you could be wasting energy.

There are plenty more features that we haven’t even mentioned that you could gain access to with an energy management system such as the Pilot Group EMS. If you want to learn more about what an EMS could do for you or how much you could save then click here or call us on 0161 507 6862.

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