8 Problems Energy Managers Face in 2023

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8 Problems Energy Managers Face in 2023

Energy Managers have the tough job of keeping energy spend as low as possible, meeting environmental targets and also keeping all of the stakeholders involved happy along the way. Understanding the problems energy managers face in 2023 is a good place for businesses to start when considering their consumption.

Unknown Wastage

It’s a problem that either frustrates people the most or goes completely under the radar, unknown wastage. The frustration comes from the fact you’re spending on energy that isn’t being used to contribute to the business at all, so that money could have been better spent elsewhere. Identifying wastage is something each business should constantly look to do and is a good starting point for finding significant savings, especially with energy costs reaching the heights they have.

As is the same with wastage in any other part of the business, data is where to look first, looking for anomalies, above-average spending or something as simple as heating and lights being left on when no one is in the property.

An energy management system can tackle two birds with one stone by reducing your consumption whilst also giving you the analytics to make data-driven decisions that reduce wastage.

Investing in an EMS

Proving ROI on Energy Investments

Asking for an investment in order to save money can sometimes be a difficult sell when looking to get the budget signed off. A lot of systems or initiatives will save money but getting exact payback periods and return on investment figures is a challenge. Then comes the conversation if the long-term savings are worth the initial outlay and impact on cash flow short term.

This is the reason why the Pilot Group EMS comes with a 25% guarantee on savings, allowing an accurate payback period to be calculated. Even then if the savings seem fantastic but you don’t want the initial outlay, you can take up one of the leasing/finance options that allow you to pay for the system with the savings it makes. It seems a no brainer really!

Obtaining Reliable Data

As we mentioned earlier, data is key to making decisions that will positively impact your energy consumption and Energy Managers want accurate and reliable data. Being able to delve into specific areas of buildings is crucial, rather than just having an overarching view of the energy being used.

This is where there is a benefit to having an energy management system that has accurate sensors that are calibrated regularly and report back to you in real-time so there is no delay in fixing any issues that may arise.

Complying With Legislation & Meeting Targets

With new regulations for usage and reporting being introduced frequently across the world, this is one of the biggest challenges for an Energy Manager. There is the initial challenge of ensuring emissions levels are low enough to be compliant and then the second challenge of having accurate data collection to report (we will touch on this later).

Different sized businesses have different requirements so it is always good to regularly check the government website for what is expected of you.

Energy management system panel

Ensuring No Unintentional Impact From Colleagues

Everyone likes the office or workplace at a different temperature, it has been the cause of plenty of arguments. This actually can lead to unintentional side effects when the temperature is constantly being increased and lowered, causing the heating or air conditioning to work far harder than it needs to.

There are certain systems like Pilot Group’s which allow the Energy Manager or administrator to remotely access the EMS from a device with an internet connection and set shift patterns, maximum and minimum temperatures and more. This allows the heating to work as efficiently as possible, especially with its smart sensors.

Choosing Solutions That Provide Short and Long-Term Results

Every department discusses short-term vs long-term and the struggles of getting benefits at both. Energy Managers have the same struggles with some technologies providing a quick payback period and others providing a much longer one.

The future of travel is a hot topic in particular with the adoption of EVs not looking like it’s slowing down at all, therefore when do you choose to start switching fleets to electric or start installing chargers for your colleagues. Pilot Group offer EV chargers that integrate with your current RFID cards seamlessly and offer contactless payments for charging to make it easier.  There is also the option for advertising revenue on the Plus+.

Reporting on energy usage

Streamlining Energy Reporting

Having a report that you can easily access is important as the old cliché, time is money, is so true. Drawing down data of energy usage, cost and the relative units means you have everything you need no matter what format you are being asked to report it.

Adding metering to your energy management system is a further step you can take to drill down on your gas and electricity.

Driving Behavioural Change

Perhaps one of the toughest changes for an Energy Manager to make is a behavioural change. This involves trying to get the entire business to think about conscious consumption, everything from not printing out items they don’t need, to switching off lights when they leave rooms, all these little steps can add up to significant savings but often need to be engrained in the business culture.

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