Are Your Heaters & Energy Management System Becoming Outdated?

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Are Your Heaters & Energy Management System Becoming Outdated?

Technology advances quickly in most areas these days and that is no different when it comes to all things energy and energy management. It’s common for systems and heaters to be installed and left for years with the saying ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ but they could be inefficient and consuming far more energy than required.

Are you missing out with old heaters?

There is a range of modern-day heaters that include energy-saving technology actually within the heater itself. They can operate on full power to get close to the target temperature in the property and then voltage lowers for the remaining period to then reach the target. This can work alongside an EMS to help receive significant savings on your energy bills.

Investing in an EMS

Does your energy management system still work?

If you have an old energy management system the same inefficiencies could be true, you might not be getting all the savings you possibly could be. This is without even mentioning the features that could make your life easier by saving you time, for example, a user-friendly panel that lets you monitor real-time usage, costs and schedule your heating patterns.

Linking back to the heaters, when you’re looking to upgrade them you may also have to keep in mind if the new models are still compatible with your energy management system. It’s worth double-checking but also understanding if you upgrade both, there could be an even larger saving which reduces the payback period.

Future-proof your energy management system

This is where a bit of research is required, it’s understanding the capability of your energy management system and whether it can move with you to keep up with the times. For example, the Pilot Group EMS comes with an annual service agreement option that means the software can be updated remotely and also be developed to include new features. The system already has the capability to control your heating, lighting and air-conditioning.

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