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Behind the Profile – World Social Media Day

Name: Josh Kirk

Role: Senior Marketing Executive

Why did you choose to work for the Pilot Group?

From the first conversation I had with the business, I knew that I wanted to work for the company. It was a combination of factors including being a family run business, the opportunity to develop and have a real impact in a company as well as delivering sustainable solutions that make a difference to both our customers and the planet.

I also just had that gut feeling it was the right move for me and from day one that has proved to be true. How many businesses do you come across where the CEO and COO take the time to sit and have a coffee with you on your first day, wanting to hear your ideas to help drive the brand forward!

marketing executive

What’s your favourite part of your role?

I’ll avoid the cliché of saying the people are my favourite part of the role (even though it’s true). I love the constant challenge of the digital space, in particular in a B2B environment where you might not have quite as direct a route to the customer as you would in B2C, so you have to get creative and try to remember that you’re still looking to reach a person at the end of the day.

Do you have a favourite social media platform?

I think Twitter is probably my favourite platform, the reactive nature, simplicity, and sheer wealth of content you can consume quickly keeps me coming back. Probably a strange choice considering I’m a very visual person and I’ve built Instagram audiences in the past but the fact brands have started to engage with not only their customers but each other, makes it feel far less corporate and more people-focused.

What are the challenges with social media management?

There are a load of challenges with managing social media, whether it’s your full-time role or not. I think constantly trying to be creative with content and not slip back into the habit of just telling people what we do is always difficult. At Pilot Group we always try to tell everyone to bring it back to the ‘why’. Why we do what we do and why people should care or take note? It’s a balance and a tough one to get right.

When it isn’t the sole focus, I think the main challenge is making sure social is part of the strategy rather than an afterthought or when you have a spare minute, especially as the space changes so frequently when it comes to trends and platforms.

Tell us about one of your favourite posts/interactions you have ever seen on social?

My favourite interaction on social had to be the conversations and jokes made around KFC running out of chicken. What kind of chicken shop runs out of chicken!? So many brands jumped on board to have a laugh at KFC’s expense and in fairness their social team took it well and put out some great content themselves.

One back and forth in particular with Iceland that led to the supermarket brand starting a poll about what is more important for a chicken company, gravy or chicken. A quick Google search will find the interaction. If you can find it, it’s brilliant.

Another brand that I think always needs mentioning when it comes to social is Gymshark. They constantly create heart-warming moments by simply being good people working for a great brand. If you want to see examples of fantastic customer service, creating a positive reputation for a brand and giving back to an engaged community, you need to check out the work Elfried Samba and his team are doing at Gymshark.

How can people get involved with Pilot Group on social media?

LinkedIn is our go-to platform when it comes to social, you can find us posting daily about all things Pilot Group, including everything from our sustainability top trumps that aim to get people thinking about how they can do their bit, to how our products can help your business whilst helping our planet.

You can find us by clicking here or head over and connect with me here.

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