The Pilot Group


The Pilot Group

Who are we?

Today’s world runs on critical infrastructure and technology. Pilot Group are dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment. We lead the way in SMART, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE infrastructure solutions. With combined experience over 5 decades spanning across electric vehicle charging, traffic control systems, heating and lighting markets, we pride ourselves in working in partnership with organisations world-wide to deliver integrated technology to improve working environments and transport systems.

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The Pilot Group & Sustainability

Sustainable – we believe that sustainability is at the heart of our futures. Energy management is at the core of our products and services to customers. As a business we’re making strides to become a more sustainable business through off-setting our carbon by planting trees and internal initiatives.

How does Pilot Group help pave the way to a carbon neutral future?

Pilot Group accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport by providing user-friendly, contactless payment EV charging solutions as well as improve road and pedestrian safety through intelligent transport systems.

Infrastructure environments are made smarter through Pilot Group’s energy management system and sustainable LED lighting solutions whilst air quality in our towns and cities is being made safer with our accurate air quality data tracking and monitoring.

We work with companies such as Amazon, Tesco and National Rail along with a vast number of local authorities around the UK.

Our values

Innovation & creativity

Everyone can make a difference

Loyalty, respect & long-term relationship

In this together

Entrepreneurial spirit

Decisive, resilient and agile

Continual improvement & innovation

Fulfilling our true potential


In this for the long haul

Benefits of working for the Pilot Group

Life assurance

Life assurance

Get a payout of 4x your basic salary in the unfortunate event of your death



5% contribution of your total salary along with free sessions with a financial advisor.

Purchase Annual Leave

Purchase Annual Leave

Buy additional annual leave days for when you want an extended break

Health Cashback Plan

Health Cashback Plan

We'll cover the cost of your routine dental and optical checkups.

Annual Bonus

Annual Bonus

Get a bonus every year if you meet your targets



4 free counselling sessions and a whole host of other perks from Perkbox


If you ask our teams, they’ll say they feel like a mini family, working together to achieve common goals. As employers, we know that family is your main motivation, we see them as an extension of our team and do what we can to ensure that we balance work and family at all times.


To stay at the forefront of our industries and ahead of the competition we have to evolve and improve on a continual basis. Our employees look to evolve and progress through the business as well as take advantage of any commercial opportunities. Inclusion – we have a very diverse workforce as we operate across global markets and we believe our strength lies in that diversity, but also the way we come together as a strong team.

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Advice for new starters

Here's what the team have to say about their experience from working at the Pilot Group.

Hi there, I’d like to welcome you to the Pilot Group.

I’m Simone Peppi, Co- Founder and COO of the pilot group
We are very much looking forward to you joining our business and enhancing our fantastic team all of whom engaged in ensuring the success of the Pilot Group and helping to achieve our goal of a carbon neutral future.

Interestingly, our business started back in 1992 and whilst that may seem a long time ago (for some of you!) the driving force for me personally has always been to ensure the growth of the people and the business. If both are aligned, we’ll be a successful team!
We created the Pilot Group to bring together multiple businesses and brands to ensure the vision for the Group was clear – to ensure the world we live in becomes a safer and more sustainable environment with the ultimate aim of supporting the global goal of carbon neutrality. We are focused on providing our customers with leading edge, innovative technology to achieve these aims.

What does good look like as an employee – in summary, it’s recognizing the impact each and every person in our company can make, as an individual and as a team. Taking that vision and using their driving force, their conviction and their tenacity to make things happen.

My advice to any new starter is as follows –

We have employed you because you are YOU!

We believe you will achieve great things both personally in our business and professionally too. Communication is probably THE most important tool to help us with that goal.

Remind yourself every day of the passion that drove you to this point , to keep recreating the vision and make it happen together.

Onwards and upwards!

What are the next steps?

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