Do You Need Your HVAC Equipment Servicing?

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Do You Need Your HVAC Equipment Servicing?

HVAC equipment, like all equipment, regular servicing makes sure all components are working as they should, and subsequently, that your entire system is operating at maximum efficiency. This not only results in the conditions you require, but also reduces both running costs and environmental impact.

We are passionate about ensuring efficiency in our customers operations both via our Energy Management System delivering optimisation of customer sites but also by ensuring customer equipment itself is running effectively.

HVAC Servicing is fundamental to ensuring equipment continued performance. It’s like taking your car in for its MOT. Without having a trained mechanic look at your vehicle, assess each element and check you don’t have any major faults or leaks, you won’t know if your car is truly performing as it should or not. If you have a leak in your fuel tank, it could be costing you money without you realising.  

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What does HVAC Servicing involve?

It is really about having a trained specialist regularly check your equipment, which will vary across the various equipment types. For Gas heating we will as standard check heat exchanges, electrical connections, fan motors, oil supply filters, burners, air delivery systems and flues, as well as undertaking any cleaning required.

For AC equipment, we will as standard inspect, clean, test and where possible, repair the equipment. This includes cleaning coils and filters, checking refrigerant and ducts. It may involve slight adjustments or lubrication to ensure peak performance. For Ventilation we check supply intakes and exhausts, any damage, inspect ductwork and remove any dust.

Certain HVAC equipment needs serviced and maintained by law, such as all air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW must be regularly inspected by a trained Energy Assessor. 

HVAC Equipment servicing is important, not only for reducing your costs from inefficient equipment and performance, but also for your carbon footprint. The reason this is so important is that emissions are not only caused from inefficiency of using the equipment more to get the same output, but from factors such as leakages and shorter lifespan of equipment. These are both hugely important as they cause significant carbon impacts, as the equipment isn’t designed to leak or often to be disposed of, so carbon costs can be far higher.

Properly maintained equipment can add several years to equipment lifespan. The carbon costs of leakages, especially in AC equipment can be far higher than realised, this is because the refrigerant used is often far more environmentally harmful than other equivalent fuels and refrigerant.  

Please get in touch with us now, if you need help with your HVAC Servicing needs, or if you just want to find out a little bit more.

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