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Attitudes towards speeding and driving under the influence

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TWM Traffic Control Systems are now encouraging local authorities to install a range of signage, including info 1000 message signs and speed control signs, that they hope will reinforce the laws of the road and reduce potentially life threatening decisions being made by drivers. New statistics from the Department of Transport reveal that drivers think it’s acceptable to speed, use a mobile phone whilst driving or drive under the influence of alcohol, shocking traffic control systems specialist, TWM.

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TWM is urging local authorities to install speed control signs and info 1000 message signs to put a stop to reckless driving

New statistics released by the Department of Transport has shocked TWM Traffic Control Systems. National Travel Attitudes Study reveals that some drivers think it’s acceptable to speed, use a mobile phone whilst driving or drive under the influence of alcohol.

The findings have led to bosses at TWM urging local authorities to install new signage in order to warn drivers about speed, mobile phone usage and drink driving. According to the January survey, more than 1 in 10 (13%), believe it is acceptable to drive under the influence of alcohol and almost a quarter of drivers (24%) do not know how much alcohol they can drink before being over the legal drink-drive limit. A sizeable 21% do not believe that driving using a mobile is dangerous and a quarter (25%) believe using a mobile whilst in traffic is acceptable. Furthermore, 40% believe it is safe to travel above the speed limit on motorways and only 20% believe speed cameras save lives with 41% believing they are there to make money.

“Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and using your mobile whilst in control of a vehicle is unacceptable, so I find it appalling that the results from this survey have revealed that some drivers find it appropriate to do so. At TWM, we have a passion for developing equipment that brings enhanced road safety to both drivers and pedestrians. We are hoping that local authorities across the UK look at installing signage, such as speed control signs and our info 1000 message signs that will go someway to being a deterrent for those who choose to break the law.”

Kevin Marshall, Company Director

TWM’s speed control sign with alternating SLOW DOWN safety message is a vehicle activated sign that urges drivers to slow down if their car is travelling above the speed limit. The sign can alternate between two displays, a speed limit indicating “30” then a text display of SLOW DOWN. The info 1000 message sign has the ability to display 2 pages of text, which alternate between each other for 3 seconds. The text is displayed in amber LED’s along with four LED amber corner clusters. Control of the sign is via SMS text message and can display speed warning messages as well as messages that will make drivers think twice before using their mobile or driving whilst under the influence.

TWM is part of the Pilot Group, who believe in using technology to make the places we live and work smart, safe and sustainable. TWM is a market leading manufacturer of LED integrated traffic control systems. Established in 2002, the company is a key provider of signs, signals and traffic control systems to local authorities, parish councils, traffic management companies and contractors. Over the years, the brand has become renowned for its precision manufacturing expertise, and its pioneering product developments have helped guarantee safer highways.

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