Energy Efficient Equipment Your Business Could Be Using

Energy Management systems

Energy Efficient Equipment Your Business Could Be Using

With it always seeming like there isn’t enough time in the day, looking for more energy-efficient equipment or options often slips down the to-do list and thousands could be being spent unnecessarily on energy. That’s why we thought today we would look into energy-efficient equipment your business should be using where you can.

LED lighting in offices

LED Lighting

It can depend on the business but lighting frequently accounts for a quarter of electricity costs and outdated technologies mean you spend far more than you need to. Switching from old lighting solutions to new LED models can save up to 70% on consumption and as the technology has progressed, they now represent great value for money. The Carbon Trust have a whole host of knowledge on understanding lighting for your business and working out just how much you could be saving.

Energy Management System

It’s one of the products we consistently mention as we know the savings can be significant. Energy Management Systems have developed, including not only the functionality to help you eliminate a number of human errors in energy management but also the smart sensors that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. An EMS like the Pilot Group system allows you to access a user-friendly interface where you can visualise, compare and control your heating consumption in individual zones across your property as well as across multiple sites.

With a system that can efficiently and accurately control the temperature across your property, customers save on average 40% on their energy consumption. The results speak for themselves as can be seen in the case study from Carpenter & Paterson who saved a staggering £27,000 in the first 12 months.


A lot of work can go into managing your energy and ensuring you have efficient HVAC systems in place but if you’re losing the heat as quickly as you are warming the property then you will constantly be wasting fuel and spending more than necessary. Whether you conduct an energy audit to see where wastage might be occurring or use thermal imaging to highlight areas where heat is escaping, both can be great steps to identify where insulation is needed. A warm team is certainly a happy team too!

Office & Kitchen Appliances

Hiding in plain sight, office and kitchen appliances are used daily and can swiftly increase your energy bill. From multiple people boiling the kettle to old IT equipment, they all could be costing you more than you realise. Investing in new and efficient appliances may seem counterproductive at first with upfront costs but the payback period could be relatively quick.

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