Renewed energy and enthusiasm: exciting plans for Pilot Group in 2021


Renewed energy and enthusiasm: Pilot Group has exciting plans for 2021

No-one could have predicted the events of 2020, and it cannot be denied that it has been a challenging year for us all. We have certainly faced situations that were not in our plan for this year, from moving entire teams to working from home and ensuring each of our production sites are Covid-secure to making sure we continue to innovate, research and develop new products through lockdowns and local restrictions.

PPE provided by the Pilot Group
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Proven fortitude

Through such adversity, we’re incredibly proud of the attitude of every single member of our team. Change can be intimidating, daunting and disheartening and the changes to all our lives were felt on an unprecedented scale this year. However, we’re so proud of our Pilot Group colleagues and are confident that this proven fortitude and unity will take the Pilot Group even further in 2021.

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At Pilot Group we are passionate about sustainability and preserving our natural environment, that is why we are an accredited member of the Carbon Trust and look for sustainability in all of our solutions. We are promoting and encouraging the implementation in as many services as possible, helping you maintain a SAFE, SMART and SUSTAINABLE working and living space. In our latest venture, we are advocating the implementation of electrical charging infrastructures alongside other sustainable solutions to enable the adoption of a cleaner carbon-free future and we shall be making further announcements about our growth in this sector in 2021.

The Pilot Group Forest

We’re very proud of the progress we have made this year on our Pilot Group Forest in collaboration with eForests, planting a total of 800 trees. We hope this encourages all our clients to opt for a carbon-free future too. We continue to innovate and in2021 we shall launch a range of new products that are more efficient, offer renewable energy capabilities and help improve the air quality in our towns, cities and around schools.

Archie MacPherson, Managing Director at Pilot Group commented:

“It has been a challenging year, and one in which Pilot Group has gone through some significant changes. Throughout this period of adversity, the team at Pilot Group have been exemplary – from rapidly adopting new ways of working, manufacturing PPE for our key workers to supporting our clients, suppliers and each other. As we approach the end of 2020, we look toward the new year with great energy and enthusiasm.  We have exciting plans for 2021 at Pilot Group for new and existing customers alike so watch this space!  The team at Pilot Group wish our customers, suppliers and partners season’s greetings and a Happy 2021.”

At Pilot Group we have a clear vision for building a company whose priority is sustainability, that is why we continue to develop products that help future-proof businesses, providing sustainable solutions to our customers.

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