About Pilot Group

Our vision is to pave the way to a carbon neutral future

Our Mission

Our mission is to create tailored technology solutions for a carbon neutral future. With sustainability at our core, we design, install and maintain intelligent technical infrastructure. We partner with our clients to provide them friendly and affordable technologies for a smart, safe and sustainable future.

We are members of the Carbon Trust

A high percentage of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions arise from our production and consumption of energy – whether that’s driving cars, manufacturing goods or simply boiling a kettle. Emissions can be lowered by becoming energy efficient and we make this easy. We can provide a free site audit and suggest several services to ensure your site is optimised for carbon reduction. This will be necessary to meet UK carbon targets, along with action to tackle non-energy emissions.

Pilot Group's

EFOREST are a not-for-profit organisation established in 2006 to assist in the fight against climate change and help create and restore woodlands throughout the UK.

All profits are put towards funding new planting around the country. To date, Pilot Group has planted 800 trees and is looking to plant a new tree for every customer that signs up.


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Trees planted so far

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