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44% of businesses are playing with fire as they continue to beak safety laws despite 2005 order

One of the UK’s leading hazardous lighting specialists has warned that up to 44% of businesses in England are playing with fire as new findings reveal they do not have the correct emergency lighting. Lighting specialists, Hilclare, who sell more than 2,000 hazardous lights a year, state that following the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order businesses in the UK were given five months grace to follow the rulings.

emergency exit door handle

Five years after the initial ruling, 56% of businesses in England didn’t have the correct hazardous or emergency lighting and by 2019, there were still 44% of businesses that continue to flout the laws

According to the order, emergency routes and exits must be indicated by signs; and emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of normal lighting. In contrast, according to Hilclare’s research, more than 92% of Scottish businesses have the correct emergency lighting an increase of 60% from 2010.

ECA Director of Member Services Helen Atkinson commented:

“The findings are extremely concerning. For almost half of businesses in England to not have the correct emergency lighting is a disaster waiting to happen. As leaders in hazardous lighting in the UK we are urging businesses to review their emergency exit lighting with immediate effect. Put simply, these businesses who do not have the correct lighting are quite literally playing with fire.”

According to the legislation, any person found guilty of having the incorrect lighting is liable to a fine or imprisonment for a term not up to two years if convicted. Hilclare use the latest technology to design and specify bespoke lighting solutions and manufacture industrial and commercial luminaires of the highest quality, in a state-of-the-art UK facility. Hilclare offer a range of emergency lighting solutions including an energy efficient Leto emergency exit light available in three variants, and a range of recessed LED emergency units with clear polycarbonate diffuser, white polycarbonate body and trim called Ferrera. Hilclare’s top hazardous lighting solutions include the Sammode Sabatier linear LED light range, ATM EXF200 noncorrosive linear LED light range and ATM380 LED floodlight.

Vickers advanced EMS

The EMS is also compatible with lighting systems. Commenting on DS Smith’s results, Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Vickers said:

“Very often, companies are deterred by the capital outlay required to install an EMS. However, as demonstrated by DS Smith, the payback period for the initial investment typically can be up to just 2 or 3 years depending on the current usage, and thereafter, significant savings in energy and COemissions can continue to be enjoyed.”

Vickers’ advanced EMS can be monitored from any location thanks to cloud-based technology. In addition to viewing performance and energy usage, changes can be made from any internet enabled device thereby providing the ultimate in control. Monthly reports can also be generated to show the benefits gained from installing this system. The system comes with a complimentary 12-month warranty and service agreement that includes an onsite annual health check, engineer call outs, and software updates, and this can be extended at any time. The Vickers highly trained team carry out a detailed and informative audit of each premises, which is then used to create a proposal of how the VickersMgr will reduce fuel costs by 25% – guaranteed – or they will pay the difference!

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