How To Be Energy Efficient In The Winter

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When winter comes around we are all aware that we typically consume more energy as the heating is set to higher temperatures and for longer periods to keep us all comfortable at work. So what can we do to combat the rising costs that are associated with this? Our blog today takes a look at just a few things to keep in mind when looking at how to be energy efficient in the winter.

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Don’t leave it too late to check your insulation. It’s easy to enjoy the weather in the summer months and not be prepared for when you need to be organised in the winter. At your earliest convenience checking to see if your building is poorly insulated is a must, as no matter how much you can save energy elsewhere you will still always overpay to heat your property.

If it’s possible you can simply look around your workplace to see what insulation is already in place but you could also use thermal imaging (there will be companies that have these) to see where the heat escapes. Then you know exactly where to take a closer look.

EMS & Heating Levels

Combine a well-insulated building with an energy management system and you have the perfect match for efficient heating. A good EMS like the Pilot Group system will use internal and external sensors to know the time your heating needs to turn on in order to reach your target temperature. The same technology works at winding down the heat in your building at the end of the day.

An EMS will also allow you to set a target temperature band for shift schedules to ensure the heating never goes too high as well as limit human error of leaving the system on once everyone has left for the day or even weekend. It also stops colleagues all changing the temperature frequently which drains fuels usage.

Exterior Lighting

Not many people will pay attention to their exterior lighting in the summer as it becomes obsolete with the longer periods of daylight. However, in the winter you start to notice how often the exterior lighting is used. If they aren’t LEDs then they could be costing you significant amounts to run. It’s also just worth checking they still work before the time of needing them as exterior lighting not only improves the aesthetics of the building but it also can make staff feel safer.

Shutter Doors

Shutter doors can cause an issue all year round but can be pronounced in the winter. When they open it can allow all of the heat to escape so it’s at this point you have to think if the heating is worth being on. At Pilot Group we have designed technology that allows users to set the EMS up so that the heating remains on if the door is open for a short period but can switch it off if it remains open for prolonged periods. This has various amendments that can be made to suit your business but can lower your energy bill.

With case studies that have seen manufacturing warehouses save over £27,000 in the first year and building merchants reducing their energy spend from £12,000 down to £3,000 also in one year, why not learn more about our EMS. Get in touch on 0161 5076862.

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