Is Your Energy Management System Due An Upgrade?

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Is Your Energy Management System Due An Upgrade?

As with all technology, over time they can become less effective or be surpassed by newer versions. This rings true for energy management systems, even when they have relatively long lifespans compared to other pieces of equipment you invest in.

So are you due an upgrade?

Well, this can depend on how old your system is and whether you want to look into the possibility of further savings and any additional functionality a newer model may offer. If you evaluate your energy spend or complete an energy audit, are you getting the most out of a system or are you spending too much? If the answer is yes then maybe you should look at the savings you are missing out on by having using old technology.

For example, upgrading from the old Pilot Group / Vickers V16 system to the new Energy Manager 2.0 would save you a further 15% on your energy consumption, allowing you to work out exactly what your payback period would be.

It could also be time for an upgrade if you are starting to see regular faults with your system that require parts to be replaced as the costs of these can add up quickly when you could have better spent the money on a new and improved EMS. If you are stuck in a loop in this kind of situation due to cash flow, then look into the options of leasing a system and paying for it with the savings.

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What are the benefits of upgrading?

As we mentioned above, there is the potential to save even more on your bottom line which allows you to re-invest in other areas across the business such as research and development. This can help you leapfrog your competition not only in developing your product range but also in improving your reputation as a carbon-conscious brand.

The benefits don’t stop there, the features available on new energy management systems can provide you with data that allows further analysis of your usage and identifying areas of waste. Rather than awkward, difficult to use interfaces, you can now get a user-friendly display that shows real-time energy consumption and allow you to save time in other areas of your energy management.

There’s also the opportunity to integrate several additional features from lighting and air-conditioning control to metering and scheduling functionality.

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