5 Ways To Lower Your Business Carbon Footprint

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5 Ways To Lower Your Business Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint has a variety of positive impacts on your business, from saving significant amounts on your energy bill to giving your brand additional selling points. We have taken a look at five easy ways you can start reducing your carbon footprint.

Switch your fleet to electric

With a lot of companies focusing on producing renewable energy rather than consuming traditional fossil fuels, seasonality and location even impact energy providers. How and what they produce varies, with solar power being more reliable in the summer months and the southern parts of the UK and wind power being more successful in the winter months and on the coast.

With less energy required for lighting and heating in Spring and Summer due to demand dropping and longer days, it is helping the ever-growing solar farms generate the renewables we need. However the opposite is true in the Winter as we typically consume the majority of our energy in this period and if it’s possible for your business, look at the potential energy contracts that allow you to benefit from consuming power in low demand times of the day.

If you’re looking at making the switch then there are grants available for the installation of both home and workplace chargers. Our team of experts can help you through the process of selecting the right chargers and the requirements for having them installed.

Switch to LED Lighting

Your lighting could be making up a large proportion of your energy bill by simply being outdated. A switch to LED lighting could save you as much as 60% depending on the lights that you are replacing. Across a whole year that money could be better spent in areas such as research and development to progress your company.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Go Paperless where possible

In some businesses, this is an incredibly easy switch that has a great impact. Part of it involves instilling a culture in the business to question whether something needs printing and whether it’s essential to complete a job or task. One area that can save you a large amount of money is also keeping track of the marketing materials that you print, it’s very easy to over-order and end up with a large number of outdated flyers/brochures. If it’s not possible to only have them in digital form, simply work out how many you need rather than ordering more ‘just in case’.

Install an EMS

Energy Management Systems are one of the best ways to save significant amounts on your energy consumption, in particular in manufacturing or any industry with large warehouses. Having a system that not only reduces your consumption through smart technology but it also provides you with the data to make data-driven decisions that further lower your usage. On average our customers save 40% from their heating bills.

Encourage colleagues to take responsibility

As we touched on earlier, getting buy-in from colleagues is important because if they feel like their contribution makes a difference, you quickly have plenty of sustainability advocates across the business helping you save energy. It can be simple things such as turning the lights, taps and heating off when it isn’t required, travelling to work on public transport or cycling and so much more. Each action adds up to a big saving each year.

It can be a great exercise to put these suggestions as part of your environmental/energy strategy or at least track your consumption before and after. This allows you to double down on what’s working but also convert your figures into emissions statistics and use them in marketing materials.

Our team of experts can help by carrying out an energy audit and seeing just how much you could save from and EMS or whether you can easily install EV chargers. Get in touch on 0161 5076862.

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