Manchester based Pilot Group agrees licensing of EATON Mains Lighting Ranges


Manchester based Pilot Group agrees licensing of EATON Mains Lighting Ranges

Pilot Group, a Manchester-based sustainable technology solutions firm, has agreed a deal to license Mains Lighting ranges previously produced by Eaton Electrical System Ltd.

Hilclare lighting

The move sees Pilot Group benefit from the intellectual property, manufacturing, and distribution rights of the historical Eaton Mains Lighting products in the UK following their decision to exit this business in July 2020. Pilot Group looks forward to selling these products alongside Eaton’s Emergency Lighting offering.

The deal will see Pilot Group benefit from a license of the IP for all Eaton’s Mains Lighting ranges in the UK, as well as secure the trade marks for the products.

Despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Pilot Group is committed to UK manufacturing, investing in the North West and the Net zero goal.

Simone Peppi, COO and co-founder of Pilot Group said; “We recognised that Eaton’s exit from the mains lighting business created an opportunity to add products to our portfolio that have a strong reputation in the marketplace. Many of these ranges are widely specified and installed, and we are looking forward to supporting new and existing customers in the future.”

“We are proud to continue our history of investing in the North West, and excited to add to our lighting business, which we entered in 2017 through our acquisition of Hilclare. We see a bright future for the industry and for the region, and we are delighted to play our part in it.”


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