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Pilot Group energy management systems to save one million tonnes of CO2 in 2020

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Pilot Group’s EnergyMgr 2.0, launched in October, is expected to save more than one million tonnes of CO2 being produced in 2020, following a strong start to sales. Pilot Group has also made several new features available and numerous upgrades to the system to ensure that the energy management system delivers savings in both costs and energy consumption using the latest technology.

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A new intelligent reporting tool

The new intuitive interface will make it easier for customers to navigate menus with a new dashboard that displays utilities and equipment in real-time. The addition of a multi-site feature means that customers can view performance and energy usage and make changes to each site from any internet enabled device, providing customers ultimate control and visibility. In addition,  the EnergyMgr 2.0 will automatically convert kWh burned to CO2 tonnes, which allows customers to keep on top of their CO2 usage month on month, year on year.

By measuring how much energy is used, businesses can begin to see how changing some processes and ways of working can significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint. To achieve this, Pilot Group will work with customers to help create a bespoke energy saving strategy ensuring that optimum energy efficiency is realised.

The Energy Management System is on course to revolutionise the monitoring, control and management of heating, air conditioning systems and compressors as Pilot Group expected it to. In addition to improved control and management of heating, the upgraded EnergyMgr 2.0 system can now control an existing lighting system or new system which can be supplied by Hilclare, resulting in an all-in-one, cost effective management system. The EMS integrates a central control unit with intelligent software and highly accurate digital sensors to optimise the performance of industrial heating systems.

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Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Pilot Group commented: “At Pilot Group we believe in using technology to make the places we live and work smart, safe and sustainable. Since 1991 we have saved more than 9 million tonnes of CO2 entering the earth’s atmosphere, something we are extremely proud of, and, following two months of strong sales and by utilising the visualisation feature, we expect the Energy Management System to save more than one million tonnes of CO2 being produced in 2020. Not only this but the EnergyMgr 2.0 utilises the latest technology to provide customers with average savings of 40% on their heating bills and coupled with our LED lighting solutions this can rise to 60%. Since acquiring Vickers Electronics, an energy management specialist with over 28 years’ experience of providing energy savings in industrial and commercial businesses, Pilot Group has invested heavily in product development.”

All systems come with a complimentary 12-month warranty and service agreement, which includes an onsite annual health check. The warranty and service can be extended at any time to ensure that the energy management system contributes to energy savings with maximum efficiency. The agreement includes full parts and labour warranty, annual service, engineer callouts and software updates.

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