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Pilot Group launches their innovative & advanced energy management system

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Pilot Group has launched the EnergyMgr 2.0, an Energy Management Systems (EMS) that
is set to revolutionise the monitoring, control and management of heating, lighting, air conditioning systems and compressors. Since acquiring Vickers Electronics, an energy management specialist with over 28 years’ experience of providing energy savings in industrial and commercial businesses, Pilot Group has invested heavily in product development. In addition to improved control and management of heating, the upgraded EnergyMgr 2.0 system can now control an existing lighting system or new system which can be supplied by Hilclare, resulting in an all in one, cost effective management system. The EMS integrates a central control unit with an intelligent software and highly accurate digital sensors to optimise the performance of industrial heating systems.

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EnergyMgr 2.0

The EnergyMgr 2.0 features a synchronous burner control that circulates the residual heat after the burner has finished firing. The advanced self-learning optimisation programme with built-in algorithms processes internal and external temperature readings to calculate how long the heaters should be running.

Unlike a conventional heating system, the sensors are responsive to changes in conditions and will automatically adjust the heaters to achieve the pre-set temperature. The intelligent system responds to these variable factors to ensure that the heating in any one zone never goes above the target temperature and heaters operate only at required times – therefore significant savings are achievable. The recognised energy saving advisory body, the Carbon Trust, by whom Vickers Electronics are certified, advised that businesses can save a significant amount of money by controlling and managing their heating as “every degree you go over your target temperature adds 10% to your fuel spend.”

Vickers advanced EMS

In addition, the innovative new system can control lighting in multiple zones. DALI compatibility provides complete flexibility in configuration of the lights, independent of the wiring. Air conditioning system control also allows the scheduling of optimum temperature in the zone for maximum comfort and energy savings and compressor control allows scheduling of the on/off operation to reduce maintenance and save energy.

With their team of experienced engineers, Pilot Group offers a comprehensive service including free site surveys, system specification, installation, commissioning and post-
installation support, plus an expert in-house lighting design team at Hilclare can provide a bespoke, full lighting scheme proposal.

Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Pilot Group commented:

“At Pilot Group we believe in using technology to make the places we live and work smart, safe and sustainable. The Energy Mgr 2.0 is fundamental to this, building on foundations of the Vickers EMS, we now provide a much greater level of control and increased potential of cost reduction. The EnergyMgr 2.0 utilises the latest technology to provide customers with average savings of 40% on their heating bills and additionally it fits with our ethos and vision of contributing to a low carbon future.”

All systems come with a complimentary 12-month warranty and service agreement, which includes an onsite annual health check. The warranty and service can be extended at any time to ensure that the energy management system contributes to energy savings with maximum efficiency. The agreement includes full parts and labour warranty, annual service,
engineer callouts and software updates.

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