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Pilot Group sets out vision for a smart, safe and sustainable future

Following a successful 2019, Managing Director, Chris Pearson, has detailed the brand’s 2020 vision. Pilot Group is aiming to support cities across the UK in the race to become carbon neutral by providing technology to help them become smart, safe and sustainable. With cities such as Manchester (2038), Glasgow (2030), Bristol (2030) and Nottingham (2028) aiming to become carbon neutral within twenty years, Pilot Group are continuing to invest in capabilities to assist cities and their businesses to help reduce their carbon footprint through providing solutions via heating controls, LED lighting and overall building management.


The latest venture sees the brand taking their innovative thinking and sustainable values into the EV industry

Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Pilot Group set out the vision for the brand as he announced the launch of Pilot Group EV (Electric Vehicle Charge Points). This latest venture will see the brand take their innovative thinking and sustainable values into the EV industry. Pilot Group EV will see the brand offer a full turnkey solution including supply of Charge Points and Charge Point Management System (CPMS) with support, installation and maintenance service. Excitingly, Pilot Group will be the first to offer an option of an open and closed loop payment system in AC charging devices. By adding cashless transaction technology, operators can provide consumers with more convenient way to pay including Credit Card, Debit Card and E-Wallet payment solutions. E-Wallet includes both Apple Pay and Google Pay. The closed loop solution offers absolute convenience to customers, residents, employees and students by allowing payment via prepaid RFID cards.

Vickers advanced EMS

Chris Pearson said: “At Pilot Group we are passionate about sustainability and preserving our natural environment, that is why we look for sustainability in all our solutions. As an EV driver myself I’m acutely aware of the limited infrastructure currently in place however, we’re promoting and encouraging the implementation of electrical charging infrastructure to enable the adaptation to a cleaner electric vehicle future.

“In addition, for petrol and diesel cars we’re also working with local authorities to extend our air quality monitoring capabilities to help support the clean air agenda, this can be achieved via various routes including through our TWM signage and Pilot Group EMS sensors.”

The vision set out by Pilot Group has been made possible after a major transition was made during a successful 2019.

Chris explains: “During 2019 we evolved in terms of developing our technical capabilities. We created the position of a Chief Technical Officer, developed a technical team and
invested in a host of engineers, a transition that has been and will be a key gear change for the brand moving into 2020.”

2019 also saw the announcement that Vickers electronic would fall under the Pilot Group umbrella which was swiftly followed with the launch of the Pilot Group EMS (Energy
Management System) in October.

The EMS, named the EnergyMgr 2.0, is expected to save more than one million tonnes of CO2 being produced in 2020 and is on course to revolutionise the monitoring, control and
management of heating, air conditioning, lighting systems and compressors, as Pilot Group expected it to.

During this year the brand is looking at developing the EMS system further than this to enhanced lighting control with Dali 2 and a broader range of control protocols to provide
even more user capability.

In addition to the introduction of the EMS and Pilot EV, Pilot Group are expecting 2020 to be an interesting and progressive year: “As a group, we are aiming to achieve double digit growth this year, but more importantly, we are excited to face the challenge of helping businesses up and down the UK become more sustainable, smarter and safer places to work via the vast experience we have in our group.”

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