Builders’ Merchant – Case Study

Energy management systems

Builders' Merchant - Case Study

Who:¬†Builders’ Merchant

Where: Multiple UK sites

Challenge: Standardised control for cost & carbon reduction

Solution: EMS with remote access, centralised control & energy reduction features

Key Benefits:

  • As much as a 51% saved at some sites
  • Standardised control across 45+ sites
  • Payback period under 18 months at various sites
  • Residual heat utilisation

With a portfolio of similar properties, the excercise of looking at energy consumption can be incredibly valuable, especially if they are expected to consume similar levels. Pilot Group supported a Builders’ Merchant across their sites to analyse the consumption and then standardise control of high enrgy consuming equipment such as the heating.

After completing a site survey and understanding how and when equipment such as industrial heaters were used, the Pilot Group EMS was installed. The initial focus being on reducing the energy consumption of the industrial heating equipment, an area Pilot Group have specialised in for over two decades.

Creating zoned controls for the heating system meant the areas occupied frequently by staff could be kept at comfortable temperatures whilst not wasting energy in those that weren’t. It also allows for different target temperatures to be set where required, knowing that with the EMS, residual heat will be utilised alongside the other control strategies.

The smart nature of the EMS also created further savings with its optimise on and optimise off features. This is when the system takes into account the temperature and heat curve of the building, knowing exactly how early it needs to switch on to reach the target temperature for the start of the shift. At the end of the shift, the ramp down aspect drops the temperature incrementally to generate further savings whilst making no noticeable difference to comfort in the environment.

Once the system had proved concept in a number of sites, some seeing results well over a 50% reduction in gas heating consumption, the Builders’ Merchant rolled the EMS out across their portfolio. This not only standardised the entire heating controls across the business, it allowed for like for like comparison to delve into where further savings could be made.

Since the roll out Pilot Group have continued to work with the Builders’ Merchant including an ongoing service package and looking into what next for the business energy goals, whether this be additional partners or technologies.

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