Energy savings for Carpenter & Paterson

Energy management systems

Carpenter & Paterson, a specialist manufacturer of pipe suspension equipment.

Who: Carpenter & Paterson

Where: Welshpool, Powys

Challenge: Reduce fuel consumption and improve energy management

Solution: A bespoke Energy Management System with heating control and energy-efficient LED lighting

Key Benefits:

  • 52% saving in energy consumption
  • Replacement of heaters and heating control for better management
  • Remote access to the EMS with secure cloud-based technology
  • Sensors automatically adjust with internal and external temperatures
  • Extended service agreement for continuous maintenance and updates
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • LED lighting control sensors to avoid wasted energy in empty spaces

Pilot Group EMS, a leading supplier of advanced Energy Management Systems (EMS), has delivered significant savings for Carpenter & Paterson, a specialist manufacturer of pipe suspension equipment.

After undertaking a comprehensive site survey, Pilot Group EMS designed and developed a bespoke solution in 19 zones, that would replace the company’s existing heaters, heating control and management, and lighting schemes with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED’s.

Users are empowered by the ability to remotely access their systems from secure cloud-based technology, where they can monitor, control and generate reports showing the energy-saving benefits of the system.

Built-in algorithms process the internal and external temperatures to calculate how long heaters should be running and sensors automatically adjust the heaters.

The results have far exceeded expectations with Carpenter and Paterson Ltd reporting savings of more than 50% in fuel consumption in the past year.

Kevin Edwards, Financial Director at Carpenter and Paterson said: “We are extremely pleased with our new energy management system and lighting installed by Pilot Group EMS. So much so that we have extended our service agreement for a further five years. Saving over 50% a year on gas consumption obviously makes an impact not only on our bottom line, but also, importantly on the environment too.”

Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Pilot Group EMS commented: “We are delighted to have been commissioned for this project and enjoyed helping Carpenter and Paterson save money and reduce their carbon footprint with the latest heating technologies.”

In the first 12 months, Pilot Group EMS guaranteed Carpenter & Paterson a saving of 15%, but the Pilot Group energy management system exceeded this by 37%, and actually saved the customer 52%. This was a saving of £27,454, with kWh saving of 1,007,990. In total, 452 Hilclare LED 60w 1500mm LED battens with PIR batten sensors were in-stalled plus 20 70W IP65 twin anti-corrosive LED lights by Pilot Group EMS.

In its first year alone, it forecast impressive electricity savings for LED lighting with sensors of £12,458, along with savings of 125 kWh energy usage, and 74 tonnes of CO².

Additionally, Hilclare supplied and installed 20 Hazardous 46W Flameproof Batten LED’s, saving 74% running costs and 74%Co2 consumption.

The cost savings made by the installation of the new energy management system resulted in the single biggest ever reduction in fuel consumption and carbon footprint for Carpenter & Paterson.

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