Primary school LED Lighting

Energy saving lighting

New LED lighting system delivers significant energy savings for primary school

When a primary school decided to upgrade its lighting system, it turned to Vickers LED. The subsequent installation of a new LED system not only transformed the school’s key learning areas into bright and vibrant environments, it helped achieve substantial energy savings too. After undertaking a comprehensive lighting survey, Vickers LED designed and developed a bespoke solution that would replace the school’s existing lighting with energy efficient and long-lasting LEDs.

4 light bulbs side by side with one lit on black background

In total, 434 LED lamps and luminaries were installed by Vickers LED, providing a lifespan of around 30,000 to 50,000 hours and luminous efficacy that is superior to incandescent lamps and significantly better than traditional fluorescent tubes. All work was completed on time and within budget. Typically, the cost savings made by the installation of new energy-efficient lighting results in the single biggest reduction in electricity consumption and carbon footprint, and the school was no exception. In its first year alone, it forecast impressive energy savings of £2,863.94, along with savings of 26,036 kWh energy usage, and 14.20 tonnes of CO².


savings on energy usage


tonnes reduction in Co2


energy savings in the first 12 months

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