Logistics Company – Case Study

Energy management systems

Logistics Company - Case Study

Who: Logistics Company

Where: Multiple UK Sites

Challenge: Large heating consumption for sites with often small numbers of heaters

Solution: Install an Energy Management System with roller shutter door integration

Key Benefits:

  • Over 820,000 kWh saved in one year at a single site
  • Payback period of 5 months at one site with an 87.4% reduction
  • Standardised controls and target temperatures across portfolio
  • Remote access anywhere with and internet connection

With energy reduction and carbon footprint goals/aspirations, Pilot Group supported a Logistics Company in significantly reducing the kilowatt hours consumed by the heating systems in a number of UK sites. The project has been across multiple phases, from the initial site surveys, proving concept in test sites and then to roll out across almost all properties.

One of the standout sites saw some staggering results with a huge 87.4% reduction in energy consumption of the industrial gas heaters. This meant the payback period was just five months and it reduced 151 tonnes of CO2 emissions (820,000 kWh of gas) in the first year alone. These savings can they be mainained year after to which equates to a significant amount of cost that can be better spent elsewhere in the business as well as the carbon reduced that can support the emissions goals.

A combination of the features included with the Pilot Group Energy Management System added up to generate these vast savings but it was the roller shutter door integration that seemed to be the key. The feature means when the heating is on in the zone of a roller shutter door, if the door is left open for a pre-determined time period, the heater will automatically switch off until the door is closed, reducing waste. When closed, the system will then go back to heating the area and work towards its target temperature.

As much as the door integration was the star, that combined with the self-learning algorthim, end-time optimisation, accurate sensors and much more is what really drives the consistent savings across multiple sites.

The ability to standardise temperatures and shift patterns across multiple sites, accessing all the controls/data remotely, meant group facilities departments could have complete oversight of the energy. These insights then allow for comparing of sites and knowledge which can be the basis for new energy efficiency projects.

With the amazing results seen, Pilot Group are proud to have rolled out the system across a number of the Logistics Company’s sites and continue to do so, reducing costs and kWh into the millions.

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