Martin Dawes EV Charge Point Installation

Electric vehicle charging points, SME

Martin Dawes EV Charge Point Installation

Who: Martin Dawes retail depot

Where: Five depots across the UK

Challenge: EV charging solutions without the need for earth electrodes

Solution: Installtion of 7.4kW PG lite tethered units with Matt:E device

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced fleet costs with electric vehicles
  • Eliminated the need for earth electrodes
  • Utilised the OLEV workplace grant
  • Crash protection and parking bay markings also installed
  • Full turnkey solution

Pilot Group has installed eleven Electrical Vehicle Charge Points, reducing CO2 emissions and providing significant cost savings for Martin Dawes, the No.1 independent electrical experience centre.

After liaising with the Depot Manager at Martin Dawes, Richie Taylor, Pilot Group developed a bespoke scheme to install state-of-the-art Electrical Vehicle Charge Points at all five of their depots.

This included 7.4kW lite tethered units and a Matt:E device was installed alongside the charging devices to eliminate the need for earth electrodes. On two of the sites, crash protection and parking bay markings were also installed as well as two home chargers.

The installation was made possible using the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) workplace grant, which helped to offset the costs for Martin Dawes.

Martin Dawes progressed with the installation after purchasing two electric Tesla vehicles and the completion will see a reduction in CO2 emissions and provide significant cost savings for the brand.

Pilot Group are continuing to support cities and businesses across the UK and Ireland in the race to become carbon neutral with Electrical Vehicle Charge Points, a service that was added to their portfolio in March, fast becoming a key line of business.

This latest venture sees the brand taking their innovative thinking and sustainable values into the EV industry after it was revealed by the Department of Transport that 48% of Brits are likely to make their next car a battery-powered one with 55% currently concerned about damage to health from exhaust fumes.

Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Pilot Group, said: “At Pilot Group we are passionate about sustainability and preserving our natural environment, that is why we look for sustainability in all our solutions.

“We were delighted to introduce Electric Vehicle Charge Points to our vast portfolio and even more delighted on completion of our first installation with Martin Dawes.

“Promoting and encouraging the implementation of electrical charging infrastructure to enable the adaptation to a cleaner electric vehicle future is a key target for the business and it’s been a pleasure to create this infrastructure for Martin Dawes.”

Richie Taylor, Head of Service and Fleet at Martin Dawes, said: “The EV department at Pilot Group were extremely helpful from start to finish, guiding us through the installation process seamlessly.  We’re delighted with the end result which now gives our employees the ability to charge their electric vehicles in any of our depots.”

Pilot Group EV offer a full turnkey solution including supply of Charge Points and Charge Point Management System (CPMS) with support, installation and maintenance services. Excitingly, Pilot Group were the first to offer an option of an open and closed-loop payment system in AC charging devices via a point of sales device on the unit.

By adding cashless transaction technology, operators can provide consumers with a more convenient way to pay including, Credit Card, Debit Card and E-Wallet payment solutions. E- Wallet includes both Apple Pay and Google Pay. The closed-loop solution offers absolute convenience to customers, residents, employees, and students by allowing payment via prepaid RFID cards.

With cities such as Manchester (2038), Glasgow (2030), Bristol (2030) and Nottingham (2028) aiming to become carbon neutral within twenty years, Pilot Group are continuing to invest in capabilities to assist UK cities and their businesses to help reduce their carbon footprint through LED energy-saving lighting, energy management systems, renewable-powered traffic controls and more.

Pilot Group believe in using technology to make the places we live and work smart, safe and sustainable.  This is achieved by designing and investing in innovative products and solutions that reduce energy costs, enable management through data and improve safety.

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