Presswork Specialists – Case Study

Energy management systems

Presswork Specialist - Case Study

Who: Presswork Specialists

Where: UK

Challenge: Improve energy control strategies & have one control for heating, lighting & compressors

Solution: Replace the existing controls & energy management system on site with the latest Pilot Group EMS

Key Benefits:

  • 48.7% saving in gas heating consumption
  • Centralised control for high energy consuming appliances
  • Heating consumption reduced by 145,816 kWh
  • Standardised zone control & target temperatures of heating
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by over 26 tonnes
  • On track for anticipated saving of ¬£45,000 & a payback period of 10 months

As you may have seen on other case studies, a discovery session and site survey are the first steps, allowing the Pilot Group team to understand what the Precision Metal Pressing company were looking to achieve from a solution and what the operations looks like day to day.

After understanding what the company wanted to achieve, it allowed Pilot Group to propose a solution that removed the existing heating control system on site whilst also taking control of other high energy consuming appliances such as compressors.

The original controls were then replaced in the installation process with the Pilot Group EMS due to its excellent built in control/energy-saving strategies. Features such as the Residual Heat Utilisation where once the space gets within a degree of its target temperature, the system turns the burners off in the heaters but leaves the fans blowing, using the residual heat to top up that extra degree.

The system also integrated with their roller shutter doors which the previous didn’t, meaning that when a door had been left open for a pre-determined time period, the heaters would automatically shut off to reue wastage further.

With a large site that has multiple heating zones, it became clear that target temperatures were set to varying figures and the centralised control provided by the Pilot Group EMS allowed for easy standardisation in each zone.

As part of the site survey and review of the Presswork Specialists’ energy bills, it was identified that the heating was being used during the summer months when it wasn’t necessary. This just further showed the need for a control system that would ensure the heating was used in the most efficient way it could be, whilst still maintaining comfort for the staff.

Further analysis once the system had been installed highlighted another area to review. Pilot Group noticed that the heaters in place could not achieve the target temperatures that were set, so those targets were reduced to ensure the heaters were constantly working at capacity.

This installation just highlights Pilot Group’s ability to look at energy hollistically for a business, identifying areas of wastage and also showcasing the ability to take better control of a large range of high energy consuming appliances.

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