Pure Energy brings EV to Water’s Edge Dundee

Electric vehicle charging points

Charge while you work

Pure Energy has appointed Pilot Group to provide EV charging units at their office building located in Tayside, Scotland

Who: Pure energy (REGen) Ltd

Where: Dundee, Scotland

Challenge: Provide user-friendly work place EV charging

Solution: Dual socket Plus+ and Classic units installed with convenient contactless payment EV charging

Key Benefits:

  • Contactless payment opportunities
  • CPMS system for easy metrics and reporting
  • Team training on the use of the CPMS
  • Customer support
  • Advertising options
  • Overstay parking meter function
  • Full turnkey solution with installation

Pure energy (REGen) Ltd is a technology aggregator, working with property developers, owners and facilities managers to identify and oversee the installation of energy infrastructure and renewable solutions for its clients, including EV charging points.

Pure Energy UK needed to identify the best UK distributor of EV charging stations to provide for its clients. The client base primarily consists of work / office locations, who prioritise convenience and ease of use along with a user-friendly design when seeking EV solutions. For Pure Energy UK, reporting and metrics are important factors in determining how to best deliver value for its clients.

Pure Energy UK was immediately impressed by the helpfulness of the team, assessing Pilot Group’s product offering, observing the technology and how it works, as well as reviewing the dashboard provided.

The technology exceeded Pure Energy UK’s expectations. Alan MacLeod, founder of Pure Energy UK, liked the convenience of the contactless payment opportunities offered by the Classic and Plus+ charging points, which would allow for many next-generation users of electric cars to easily use their preferred methods of payment.

The Pilot Group’s display and advertising options, offering both a revenue opportunity and a chance for business customers to view promotional materials provided by the business at the location, were both considered very useful additions, especially to service office environments.

Pilot Group EV Plus charging point
Contactless payment on Pilot Group EV charger

The office building is a hi-tech digital hub, which complemented the ethos of the space, as well as being able to service the needs of several users who are owners of electric cars but previously have been unable to use charging points while at the office.

Pilot Group and its partners ensured that the site was properly fitted, installing the EV charging points as well as taking care of all elements of installation from car bay marking at the car park facility, to conducting the utility company management process to ensure full access to electricity to prepare the charging points for use.

The energy will be supplied by Octopus Energy, a fully renewable supplier of energy, which allows not only for the emissions-reducing electric cars to be charged but to be charged using less polluting forms of electricity. In the words of Alan MacLeod, “That’s the beauty of electrifying transport – power is all around us”.

Pilot Group ensured that the Pure Energy UK team have been fully trained on using the charging points dashboard, allowing them to provide quality measurements and reporting to their clients.

According to Alan MacLeod, they “see a very big market for this, so it’s great for us to have a chance in this first installation to see how things work – and things have worked very well. So, we want to build on that going forward, particularly next year.”

“The Pilot Group has been great, they know it’s important for them, it’s important for us – so we’re putting all the effort in to make sure it works well. Then we want to market as much as we can out of it!”

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