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Roads in North Yorkshire made safer as specialist signs are installed

Malton, Beckwithshaw and Norton on Derwent are among those parishes that wanted to help manage the speed of drivers through the area. TWM worked with the council to adapt their speed limit control sign to make it unobtrusive and lightweight. The sign displays the words ‘SLOW DOWN’ when motorists passing are going above the designated speed limit. The UK’s most innovative traffic control systems specialist, TWM, stepped in to help local towns such as Malton, Beckwithshaw and Norton-on-Derwent after they approached North Yorkshire County Council for assistance in helping decrease the number of speeding cars in their respective areas.

slow down wind traffic sign above road

14 speed limit control signs installed in North Yorkshire parishes

Up to 95% of signs manufactured by TWM are available to be powered by either wind or solar energy and the innovative traffic control systems specialist has also introduced signage that can be powered by lithium ion batteries, another more environmentally friendly alternative to 230 V power. Over 60% of the signs installed in North Yorkshire are environmentally friendly and this is an aim for TWM moving forward.


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