Silent Night – Case Study

Energy management systems

Silent Night - Case Study

Who: Silent Night РBed/Furniture Manufacturer

Where: One UK Site

Challenge: Reduce the cost & carbon of high energy appliances on site

Solution: Control system to zone heating and time control compressors

Key Benefits:

  • Over 430,000 kWh saved across 63 items
  • Reduced human error & labour time manually adjusting each item
  • 79 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
  • Remote access anywhere with and internet connection

Pilot Group supported Silent Night with a cost and carbon reduction project that saw an Energy Management System installed that took control of 63 high energy consuming items such as industrial heaters and compressors. The items could all be scheduled and controlled remotely anywhere with an internet connection, reducing human errors by inputting shift patterns as well as the labour time that was needed when adjusting each item.

The technology in the system significantly reduced the kWh consumed, in particular for the heating system. Pilot Group’s technology guarantees a 25% reduction in kWh consumed by industrial heaters like warm air blowers and radiant tubes but actually averages a 43% reduction. This was seen on the installation for Silent Night where over 430,000 kWh were reduced, equating to a huge 79 tonnes of CO2 emissions being reduced.

With a large number of industrial heaters is really where the residual heat utlisation feature comes into its own. With each heater having a set target temperature, the system will ensure when the zone (area each heater is situated) reaches a degree below its target temperature, it will turn off the burner but leave the fan blowing to top up the final degree. This can see around a 5% to 10% reduction in energy consumed through this feature alone.

Amongst a variety of other features, one benefit from the Pilot Group installation was the inclusion of more accurate sensors in each heating zone. Default sensors that come with industrial heaters can often be accurate to within two degrees which may see businesses setting a target temperature but in fact overshooting by up to two degrees creating large amounts of waste. The sensors installed at Silent Night are accurate to 0.2 degrees Celsius, therefore the system will only ever be within that figure.

Included in the project were also time controls on compressors, reducing the amount of time they were unnecessarily left on but ensure they were always switched on and up to pressure by the time the workforce required them.

The installation of the Pilot Group EMS supported Silent Night with its commitment to environmental improvements whilst also providing a swift return on investment, showing that reducing emissions doesn’t have to be seen as purely a cost as these savings can be maintained year after year.

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