LLangyindr bridge made safer

Traffic control systems

Grade 1 listed structure, LLangyindr bridge, made safer with reduced congestion

Location: Powys, Wales

Challenge: Help with the  congestion on single lane Llangynidr Bridge

Solution: Solar and wind powered vehicle activated sign with Welsh and English safety message

  • Bespoke signage for unique solution
  • Efficient vehicle activated LED signage
  • Green solution powered by wind and solar
  • Radar technology to detect oncoming vehicles and illuminate warning sign

An 18th century protected bridge was made safer by reducing congestion after Powys County Council sought help from traffic control systems specialist TWM. Llangynidr Bridge is a grade one listed structure that crosses the river Usk and is a single-track road that stretches 69m. As visibility to either side of the bridge isn’t clear, many vehicles were regularly meeting on the bridge with one being forced to reverse to allow the other to pass. This caused disruption, disputes and some damage to the structure, therefore Powys County Council approached TWM to solve the issue.

river with tree either side

Kevin Marshall, Company Director at TWM

“We were honoured that Powys County Council approached us to help with the disruption and congestion on Llangynidr Bridge. The bridge is a wonderful piece of architecture with more than 300 years of history, so being asked to help protect it from potential damage due to traffic was a challenge we couldn’t wait to take on. By installing this new, innovative system we believe that the bridge will be protected from any further damage due to congestion for many years to come.”

Jo Lancey of Powys County Council said:

“With Llangynidr Bridge being a protected structure, we needed specialists TWM to give us a solution that would involve solving the congestion crisis without any damage coming to the bridge itself. The system TWM have installed has been a success and traffic is now passing over the bridge with much less disruption than in previous years.”

TWM is a key provider of signs, sensors and traffic control systems to local authorities, parish councils, traffic management companies and contractors. Products include speed display signs, vehicle activated signs, hazard warnings, pedestrian crossing solutions, school warning zones, bespoke signage, SMART sensors and data collection systems.

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