Reducing Costs In Logistics & Warehouses With An EMS

Energy Management systems

Reducing Costs In Logistics & Warehouses With An EMS

It is estimated that the industrial sector uses 17% of the UK’s total energy consumption which also accounts on average for 38% of costs for businesses in this sector. If that tells us nothing else, we can clearly see this is an area that consumes significant amounts of energy and could benefit heavily on the bottom line for creating savings.

This is where it’s advantageous to look at where savings can be made both short-term and long-term so businesses can see a benefit almost immediately. An energy management system is always worth the time looking into as the payback period can be relatively short and the savings significant.

Why an EMS is perfect for the manufacturing and logistics industries

With often large industrial heaters in place across manufacturing facilities, logistics centres and warehouses, they are ideal for creating huge savings by simply having better temperature controls with smart sensors. If a facility has industrial warm air blowers then they could see synchronous burner control technology being incredibly beneficial with the technology switching off the burner as it gets close to the target temperature and using the residual to top the remaining heat required. When this saving alone is added up across the year it has a major impact on consumption.

Having an EMS also allows businesses to gain a better understanding of their usage. Data is power in and you can only analyse your consumption and drive positive changes if you have the data to do so. A user-friendly interface will let you see real-time usage, if there are any anomalies in your consumption, to compare multiple sites and also start to implement an energy strategy.

Battery discharge curve

Another reason why an EMS is perfect for these industries is the integration with door sensors and eliminating waste. With shutter doors frequently opening and closing there are significant periods where your heating could be on but the warm air escaping immediately.

A system such as the Pilot Group EMS has smart sensors that can work along with your heating schedule to turn the burners on and off when shutter doors have been open for prolonged periods.

The system makes sure conditions are still warm enough for employees with several additional features that our team of experts can talk you through.

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to energy management in the manufacturing and logistics industries. If you would like to learn the full extent of what an EMS can do for you, including the average 40% savings the Pilot Group system makes for our customers, get in touch on 0161 5076862.

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