Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring

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Air Quality Monitoring

The new Pilot Group Air Quality Monitor uses a combination of sensors to provide accurate, real-time measurements of key pollutants in a range of locations.

Why does air quality matter?

Poor air quality causes harm to our environment, our health and the economy.

  • Air pollution is the single biggest environmental risk to people today and the fourth largest risk to public health
  • Air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people worldwide according to WHO estimates and causes 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK.
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Innovative technology solutions

Why should we be monitoring the quality of our air?

At Pilot Group we believe in utilising technology to make places we live and work SMART, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE. It is widely recognised that solving the global air pollution problem begins with monitoring. This is where the Pilot Group AQM can help through the provision of real time hyper-local air quality monitoring.

Air pollution is killing 1 in 19 people in the UK by breathing polluted air, costing the country billions of pounds. Government and private businesses are now beginning to prioritise air quality, and acknowledge that by understanding air quality and its sources, targeted solutions and interventions can then be implemented.

Traffic Management Interventions

Air quality updates

Allowing residents, especially those at most risk from air pollution such as asthma sufferers, to make informed decisions about their transport routes in response to likely pollution exposure.

AI integration

Smart sensors such as traffic counters, height or presence detection and ANPR cameras can be used to predict congestion and pollution increases

Interactive digital street furniture

Air quality monitors can feed air quality data into a central management system. This information can be fed to the public through digital signage, helping to manage traffic flow and minimise idling traffic.

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We can provide a full air quality monitoring solution for councils. Our services are catered to your specific requirements.

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We’ve developed an air quality monitoring device designed to target the needs of schools and help ensure safe routes to school.

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We offer full services and solutions for air quality monitoring on commercial and industrial private sites. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Supporting the uptake of clean transport

The transition away from petrol and diesel cars is recognised as a key step in accelerating the path to Net-Zero within the UK. By reducing the number of vehicles on the road and the fuel they use, we can dramatically reduce the levels of pollution emitted.

Vehicle electrification is also an important step in fighting air pollution, especially within cities and urban areas which often have high levels of vehicle congestion, especially at peak times. It is possible to integrate both Pilot Group EV charging stations and the AQM into a CMS in order to track and monitor your infrastructure and air pollution levels.

Our commitment to trees

We plant a tree for every AQM unit sold.

See more about sustainability.

Take a look at the details

Multiple particulate matter detection

Multiple particulate matter detection

The AQM allows you to measure not only the standard PM2.5 and PM10, but also PM1 and PM4.0.

Live data recording capability

Live data recording capability

Pilot Group AQM provides real time hyper-local air quality monitoring to track high pollution levels and implement reactive measures.

Cloud-based CMS compatability

Cloud-based CMS compatability

Compatible with the TWM cloud-based CMS to combine with VAS/VMS signage to display real time air quality information

Pilot Group Air Quality Monitor

Sleek design that can be mounted to an existing column, making it easy to install. Remote access via our CMS which allows you to remotely track pollution levels of the different particulate matter, monitor trends, see historic levels of air quality and be notified of any maintenance issues.

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Why choose us

Providing sustainable solutions

Providing sustainable solutions

We look for sustainability in all of our solutions and our AQM will help to improve the air quality in our towns and cities.

Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

We have been providing technology solutions within the industry for over 30 years and are highly experienced in what we do.

Service add ons

Service add ons

We offer more than just the service. We also offer additional installation and maintenance services, providing full support from start to finish.

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