Contactless EV charging points
Contactless EV charging points

Contactless payment EV charging solutions

Convenient electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Pilot Group offers a convenient solution for contactless payment EV charging. Taking our innovative thinking and sustainable values into the electric vehicle charging industry, we believe in providing an easy EV charging solution.

Easy EV charging

We believe in transparent electric vehicle charging

We understand as an EV driver or fleet manager that charging your vehicle is not always simple. At Pilot Group we believe in utilising technology that does not require app downloads or complicated set-ups. Instead, our contactless payment EV charging method ensures charging is simple and convenient, wherever you choose to charge.


Contactless payment

Contactless payment

Pay for charging with contactless and swipe using a credit/debit card as well as e-wallet for a simple and easy user experience – just tap and go.

Convenient receipts

Convenient receipts

Scan the QR code to receive a receipt direct to your email with total energy used and amount paid.

Easy management systems

Easy management systems

Remote access for ultimate control of your electric vehicle charging units.

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Using contactless EV charging in council infrastructure will ensure ultimate convenience, whether for public car park and on-street charging or visitors to government buildings.

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Large multi-site

Simple EV charging solutions ensures visitors to your sites can easily pay for charging, whilst employees can use RFID cars to charge their vehicles.

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Convenient contactless payment EV charging ensures your fleet can be easily charged whilst visitors have a simple charging option.

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Our commitment to trees

We plant a tree for every EV unit sold.

See more about sustainability.

Why choose us

Providing sustainable solutions

Providing sustainable solutions

We look for sustainability in all of our solutions and our EV infrastructure will enable the adaption to a cleaner EV future.

Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

We have been providing technology solutions within the industry for over 30 years and are highly experienced in what we do.

Service add ons

Service add ons

We offer more than just the service. We also offer additional installation and maintenance services, providing full support from start to finish.

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