Wastage of unused energy

Lights being left on and other areas that aren’t being used are also ways in which companies can waste energy which will result in a much greater cost for energy bills.

Incorrect energy management

Using incorrect energy management can result in companies losing track of their energy use. This then leads to excess spending on energy bills.

Windows, drafts and poor insulation

All of these can result in unnecessary and inefficient energy consumption and energy loss. Using our energy audits we can pinpoint key areas of energy loss and provide energy management solutions to combat this.

Energy saving audit

A breakdown of our energy management audits

Our energy audits have been designed to highlight areas of your building that have high energy consumption and are wasting energy. Using our energy audit we can provide solutions as to how you can prevent these and save more on your energy bills.



Our team of experts will visit your site and carry out a detailed and informative energy audit



We will then figure out where your energy is being lost or used incorrectly



We then provide energy solutions which can help you save up to 40% on your energy bills



Once agreed our team will implement the management solutions and provide ongoing maintenance

Tailored for you

woman who owns an SME


We’ve conducted site energy audits for numerous SMEs and we understand the key energy efficiency problems an SME may face.

Block of flats

Large multisite

We understand the difficulties when managing large multi-site energy. We cater our energy audits and solutions based on the specific energy requirements of your business.

council office concept


Our site audits offer complete energy management solutions catered to the requirements of councils. We aim to create smart, safe and sustainable public places.

Experienced professionals within the industry

Experienced professionals within the industry

We've installed over 7500 energy management systems across all sectors

Accredited and approved contractors

Accredited and approved contractors

We are Carbon Trust Accredited and Safe Contractor Approved

Helping customers become energy efficient

Helping customers become energy efficient

Over 48.5 billion KWH energy and 9 million tons of CO2 saved

Our bespoke technology

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Offering expert advice

We have over 30 years of experience within the industry and using our expertise, we were able to develop bespoke energy management solutions allowing us to create systems that are catered to your specific needs identified using our audit. Once we have used our energy audit to highlight the areas of improvement within your building, we will then introduce a management system that is bespoke to your business and its requirements.

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Quick and effective energy solutions

Our energy management audit has been designed to highlight areas of your building that are resulting in waste and loss of energy. We will analyse your building then put together an in-depth energy efficiency proposal breaking down where the loss of energy is occurring and how much energy and money our audits can save you.

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Our bespoke energy solution

We will then offer our energy management system alongside clear points on how our energy management system can prevent energy loss, reduce energy consumption and save you money. Once agreed our team of experts will install your system and we will provide a 12-month warranty – available for extension – alongside ongoing support and maintenance.

Pilot Group's plant a tree project

At the Pilot Group, we understand the importance of taking responsibility for our environmental impact. We have already reduced greenhouse gas emissions across 7,500 site installations by an average of 40% and for every acquisition, we will plant a tree in our Pilot Group forest.

See more about sustainability 

Trees planted so far

Energy saving lighting

Here at Pilot Group, we believe in creating multiple solutions allowing our customers to sustain a SMART, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE workplace/ living space. That’s why we also offer LED energy-saving lighting solutions that can also be integrated into our energy management systems, making you even more energy efficient. To view our bespoke lighting solutions click here

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Frequently Asked Questions

By entering into an Annual Service Agreement with us we help our customers maintain their management energy system after it has been installed. Our technical team will get in touch annually to arrange an Engineer to carry out a service of the system, where they will re-calibrate sensors to make sure they are set to the right centigrade. Also, they will check connection cables and each outstation. They will go through any Time or Temperature regimes to ensure it set correctly to how the customer requires.

Our technical team will be in touch to let customers know if there are any new software upgrades and will be able to update the energy management system remotely. Any hardware to match the software will be offered at a discounted rate. By having access to the above, the service agreement helps maintain the energy efficiency of the system which ultimately helps keep energy consumption low and maximise on savings.

Free access to our Helpdesk 24/7, 365 days of the year – Where our technical team can help with any issues or queries. Also, they are able to give out daily codes for Heating/Engineering access.

If there is a problem with the energy system and our technical team have established they need to send an engineer, you will not be charge for the call out. Our Engineers will provide a status report which will identify any issue and how to resolve it.

We do not have an app as such, we have a log in portal which is available on chrome or internet explorer. We will give you your own username and password to use and once you log in, you will be able to remotely access your energy system to make any changes or take control. From the online portal, you will also be able to view energy consumption.

When we put a proposal together, we take the last 12 months bills and we look at the kWh burned in a 12 month period. We guarantee to save 25% of kWh burned and present an estimated cost saving based on the current tariff. After 12 months of having the energy performance system installed, we take your last 12 months bills again and perform a fuel analysis comparing kWh burned both pre and post install and we also factor in Degree Days. From that fuel analysis, we will be able to determine if we have achieved the 25% savings. If not, we will pay the difference of the percentage of kWh that we haven’t managed to save and use the tariff presented in the proposal and calculate the cost.

From installation, the system takes around 3 weeks for the self-learning programme to kick in. After that period, dependent on your bill set-up and seasonal period, you should start to notice in your bills/kwh burned in around a 1-6 month period after having the system installed.

Yes it can, we individually zone heaters. We install an Outstation which is connected directly to the heater and actually draws it power from the heater. (The outstation monitors and feeds information from the control panel to the heater). We also install an Internal Sensor near the outstation or in a desired location by the customer to monitor the internal temperature in that specific area where the heater is located. From the panel, each heater will be displayed with its own individual actual and target temperature which you can set accordingly and set time regimes around each heater.

Project & Case Studies

We’ve helped companies of all sizes and sectors

Pilot Group have successfully helped a large number of different companies find energy use solutions, saving them money, energy and time. Here at Pilot Group, we don’t only provide you with the service but we provide you with answers and solutions to problems you may be facing. Our services are designed to help you from the very first point of interaction right through to the maintenance and support stages. See all of our success stories below.

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Pilot Group have successfully helped a large number of different companies find solutions, saving them money, energy and time.

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