Energy Management Systems

Our intelligent Energy Management System monitors, controls and improves the performance of your energy system, ensuring optimisation and minimal energy usage of your industrial heaters with the option to control your lighting and air conditioning systems.

  • Guaranteed 25% reduction in kWh consumption
  • Average 43% savings
  • Remote access & self-learning algorithm
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Pilot Group have successfully helped a large number of different companies find solutions, saving them money, energy and time. Here at Pilot Group we don’t only provide you with the service but we provide you with answers and solutions to problems you may be facing. Our services are designed to help you from the very first point of interaction right through to the maintenance and support stages. See all of our success stories below.

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Just enter a few details into our savings calculator and we can estimate your potential reduction in energy consumption for your industrial heating.

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      You Won't Need New Heaters

      You Won't Need New Heaters

      Installation is straightforward and will not disrupt your day

      Real-Time Management Control

      Real-Time Management Control

      View energy consumption, usage, spend and more in real-time

      Automated Temperature Control

      Automated Temperature Control

      Uses residual heat of the burner to top up to target temperature

      Heating Controls

      Heating Controls

      Control and schedule heating with a pre-heat optimisation via our self-learning system that averages a 43% reduction in energy consumption through greater efficiency.

      Real-Time Management Control

      Real-Time Management Control

      View energy consumption, usage, spend and more in real-time via the online portal or on the panel itself.

      Air Conditioning Control

      Air Conditioning Control

      Ability to schedule and control air conditioning to maximise efficiency, as well as ensure comfort for employees.

      How Energy Management Systems Save Money

      An EMS that saves you money whilst saving the planet.

      The Pilot Group Energy Management System, with its intelligent heating controls, works to reduce your energy consumption via the following:

      • External & internal temperatures, allowing for weather compensation
      • Open & closed roller shutter doors, lowering wastage
      • Role-based access with remote access
      • Residual heat utilisation, capitalising on residual heat to reach target temperatures
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      How it works

      Located in each zone to monitor elements such as temperature, air quality, equipment, or occupancy, including external temperature for weather compensation.

      All information is fed into the central control panel, where data is analysed, and information is used to inform the control of the heaters.

      Gather all the data from sensors to provide to the central control unit. These facilitate direct communication with the heaters and sensors.

      Ensures energy data is securely backed up to the cloud and the information can be accessed from any device.

      A calendar underpins the activity of the equipment connected, to ensure everything is operational when required to be.

      Access the live panel onsite with its user interface or log in remotely via our online portal, you can view and manage usage and your schedule of activity.

      Intelligent Heating Control

      Our Energy Management System monitors for energy wastage

      The Pilot Energy Management System is fully integrated within your warehouse infrastructure, with linked outstation and sensors installed throughout.

      Our intelligent heating control will monitor for open and closed roller shutter doors, assessing the duration they’re open and switching off the heaters in that zone after a predetermined time, reducing energy wastage. Once the doors are shut the sensor will notify the outstation to turn the heaters back on.

      Our EMS’s pre-heat optimisation via our self-learning algorithm is constantly monitoring the required burn times of the system to heat the space in the most efficient way, not just turning it on when scheduled but when it needs to in order to hit your target temperature.

      Energy Management System Brochure

      How Energy Management Systems Help You

      An EMS that saves you money whilst saving the planet.

      The easy-to-use EMS is specifically designed to control and monitor heating systems for SMEs up to large enterprises and multi-sites, causing minimal to zero disruption when installed.

      Its smart sensors and pre-heat optimisation via our self-learning algorithm create savings by making your heating work more efficiently and reducing waste. With the user-friendly portal accessible remotely from any location/device with an internet connection, it makes it the perfect tool to not only monitor one or multiple sites, but also make significant savings on money and carbon (average of 43%).

      Remote Access

      Remote Access

      Access the EMS portal from anywhere with internet access to view and manage usage, scheduling patterns and more.

      Metering Function

      Metering Function

      Monitor accumulative usage with added functionality through integration of gas and electric meters, with the ability to adjust unit costs.

      Weather Compensation

      Weather Compensation

      Smart sensors use both the internal and external temperatures to work out optimum burn times in order to meet target temperatures for the desired period.

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      Energy Management Service Options

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      Annual Service Agreement

      Our Annual Service Agreement includes options to access future updates whilst covering the cost of engineer call outs, parts and repairs and servicing. An ASA can be extended at any point to ensure maximum efficiency of the EMS.

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      Free No Obligation Site Survey

      After an initial call to understand if we can help you, we offer a no-obligation free site survey to analyse your energy usage, which along with a recent energy bill, allows us to work out the estimated savings and payback period for your EMS.

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      Flexible Payment Plan/Lease Options

      With our payment options, your business can start saving immediately once the system has been installed and even begin using the savings to pay for the system. Ask our team about the leasing and payment options that could suit you.

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      HVAC Servicing

      We offer servicing of your HVAC equipment as an additional optional service to ensure all equipment is performing as required.

      Frequently asked questions

      We do not have an app as such, we have a log-in portal which is available on chrome or internet explorer. We will give you your own username and password and once you log in, you will be able to remotely access into your management system to make any changes or take control. From the online portal, you will also be able to view energy consumption and real time data.

      After carrying out a site visit to understand the heaters in place, current usage and more, we put a proposal together where we take the last 12 months bills and we look at the kWh burned in that period. Once all the information we require has been analysed we guarantee to save 25% of kWh burned and present an estimated cost-saving based on current tariff. After 12 months of having the energy management system installed, we take your last 12 months bills again and perform a fuel analysis comparing kWh burned both pre and post install, factoring in Degree Days. From that fuel analysis, we will be able to determine if we have achieved the 25% energy savings. If not, we will pay the difference of the percentage of kWh that we haven’t managed to save and use the tariff presented in the proposal to calculate the energy cost.

      After the energy management system has been installed for 3 weeks, the self-learning programme should kick in. After that period, dependent on your use, setup, and seasonal period, you should start to notice the difference in your bills/kwh burned.

      Yes it can, we individually zone heaters. We install an outstation which is connected directly to the heater and actually draws it power from the heater. The outstation monitors and feeds information from the control panel to the heater. We also install an internal sensor near the outstation or in a desired location by the customer to monitor the internal temperature in that specific area. From the panel, each heater will be displayed with its own individual actual and target temperature which you can set accordingly and schedule time regimes.

      By entering an Annual Service Agreement with us, we help our customers maintain their energy management software after it has been installed. Our technical team will get in touch annually to arrange for an Engineer to undergo a service of the system, where they will re-calibrate sensors to ensure continued accuracy. Also, they will check connection cables and each outstation. They will go through any time or temperature regimes, to ensure it is set correctly to how the customer requires.

      When in an ASA, our technical team will be in touch to let customers know if there are any new energy management software upgrades and will be able to update the system remotely. Any hardware to match the software will be available to purchase, in some instances at a discounted rate. By having access to the above service agreement, this helps maintain the energy efficiency of the system and ultimately helps keep energy consumption low, maximising savings.

      If you are in an ASA, you will have access to our helpdesk 24/7, 365 days of the year, where our technical team can help with any issues or queries. They are also able to give out daily codes for heating and engineering access.

      This depends what ASA package you are signed up to. Our technical team will try to identify any issues with the system remotely first and if possible fix them then and there. If an engineer is required on-site, then the number of call-outs you receive is specified in your Annual Service Agreement.

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