Energy management systems
Energy management systems

Sustainable energy solutions

Energy management systems

28 years of Vickers, legacy experience in the industry, we have developed a new and advanced sustainable energy management solution designed to give you complete control.

Reduced energy

Our Energy management system can help reduce your energy consumption, helping reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Reduced costs

We provide systems and services that not only reduce the money you spend on energy, but they also reduce the cost of maintenance.

Maximum comfort

Our sustainable energy management systems are built with a control panel giving you full control from the comfort of your own device.

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%average savings
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Energy management system specification

What are energy management systems and how can they make you more efficient

At Pilot Group we believe in using technology to make the places we live and work SMART, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE. We’ve developed an advanced energy management system, designed to set new industry standards and increase customer savings. Our new energy management system can now control your complete lighting system, AC units, and compressors, with its user-friendly panel and with the added benefit of remote access. The intelligent energy management system responds to these variable factors to ensure that the heating in any zone never goes above the target temperature.

Energy Technology List

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Our intelligent technology

Our energy management system integrates a central control unit, highly accurate digital sensors, and web-enabled access to optimise the performance of your heating system. The built-in algorithms process the internal and external temperatures to calculate how long the heaters should be running. Unlike conventional heating systems, our energy management system has sensors that are responsive to the changes in conditions and will automatically adjust the heaters to achieve pre-set temperatures based on the data it receives.

How can this benefit me?

Using our efficient energy management system, customers have saved on average 40% on energy bills. Alongside our 28 years of experience within the industry, we are also Carbon trust accredited and Safe contractor approved and have employed a team of nationwide service and installation engineers to complete new installations, upgrades, and annual services visits. We pride ourselves in contributing towards and low carbon future while still ensuring we provide our customers with the best service possible.

Key Features

Heating control system

Heating control system

Controlling heating systems designed to ensure simpler scheduling and easy monitoring

Lighting system control

Lighting system control

Easy management of your lighting system in multiple zones. Controls can be customised to match specific requirements

Air conditioning systems control

Air conditioning systems control

Schedule and pre-set optimum temperature in the zone for maximum comfort and energy savings

Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors

Tailored to specific requirements including air quality measurements, power and energy usage metering, occupancy monitoring and equipment monitoring

Real time management control

Real time management control

Allows easy navigation through menus. Secure, cloud based application provides remote access from an internet enabled device

Compressor control

Compressor control

Schedule the on/off operation to reduce the maintenance and save energy

Energy management add on services

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Energy Usage Surveys

Our team carry out a detailed and informative Energy Usage Audit for each premises, we then create a proposal on how the Pilot Group can reduce your energy costs by 25%.

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Purchase/Lease options

With our lease option, businesses can immediately start saving money, reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions at no upfront cost.

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Warranty and support

Whether you are having technical difficulties or simply have a question about our energy management systems, our experienced, dedicated help desk is available to assist.

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Annual service agreement

We offer a complimentary 12-month warranty and annual service agreement (ASA) with your order. This can also be extended at any time to ensure our customer’s energy management systems are achieving optimum efficiency.

Tailored to your needs

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Services catered to your specific needs. We offer services designed to benefit common energy management problems SMEs face

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Large Multisite

We offer energy management solutions catered to the needs of large multi-site businesses, along with beneficial service ad on’s

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A complete energy management solution catered to councils with a monitoring system and ongoing maintenance options

How it works

Located within specific zones, they continually monitor air temperature and can detect air quality measurements, power and energy usage metering, occupancy monitoring and equipment monitoring

All temperature information is fed to the central controller via network cables to avoid dips in connectivity. Data is analysed and should temperatures need altering this information is sent back to the outstation to control the heaters

Gathers all the data from the sensors to push to the central control unit. The Central control unit processes the temperature measurements and sends the data to the outstation to directly control the heaters

Energy data is securely backed up to the cloud and the information can be accessed from any device

Save up to 25-60% on your energy

At the Pilot Group we understand the importance of taking responsibility for our environmental impact, we have already reduced carbon emissions across 7,500 site installations by an average of 40%

Read more about sustainability

Trees planted so far

Why choose us

Full parts and labour warranty

Full parts and labour warranty

We will repair or replace any system-related faults

Annual service

Annual service

Re-calibration of the system, recommissioning, and a full service report

Engineer call outs

Engineer call outs

Site call outs to reported system faults with property booking slots

Energy management audits

We offer in-depth energy management audits allowing us to fully asses your specific building and variables. Using this we will be able to highlight areas you may be losing energy and areas you could use to preserve and save energy. We then propose management solutions to overcome your specific problem areas. Within this we can also make suggestions on other methods of saving energy that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy costs.

Our Audit Process

Visit: Our team of experts will visit your site ad carry out a detailed and informative energy efficiency audit.
Audit: We will then figure out where your energy is being lost or used incorrectly.
Plan: We then provide solutions that can help you save up to 40% on your energy use.
Deploy: Once agreed our team will implement the energy solutions and provide ongoing maintenance.

Efficient lighting solutions

Energy saving lighting

More about energy saving lighting

Sustainable energy solutions

Electric vehicle charging points

More about our EV charging points

We help you with carbon reduction and energy efficiency

We help your business to be more energy-efficient, helping you meet the UKGOV 2050 NetZero guidelines, reducing energy usage and future carbon tax. Click on the different hotspots below to see how the different services can help you.


Energy Management
Do you want to reduce carbon emission on your building? We can save you 40%-60% on heating bills. With a 2 year payback.

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Enterprise IT
We design, supply and install networking infrastructure to improve business requirements.

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Energy Saving LIghting
LED low energy bespoke lighting, paired with our EMS can save customers up to 60% on energy consumption.

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Traffic Control Systems
Specialists in LED speed control and warning signs, we manufacture specifically to your order in our UK factory.

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Electric Vehicle Charging
We provide a full electric charge point turnkey solution: supply, maintain and install. Our Plus+ and Classic charge points provide contactless for end-user ease.

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Frequently asked questions

We do not have an app as such, we have a log in portal which is available on chrome or internet explorer. We will give you your own username and password and once you log in, you will be able to remotely access into your management system to make any changes or take control. From the online portal, you will also be able to view energy consumption and real time data.

When we put a proposal together, we take the last 12 months bills and we look at the kWh burned in a 12 month period. We guarantee to save 25% of kWh burned and present an estimated cost saving based on current tariff. After 12 months of having the energy management software installed, we take your last 12 months bills again and perform a fuel analysis comparing kWh burned both pre and post install and we also factor in Degree Days. From that fuel analysis, we will be able to determine if we have achieved the 25% energy savings. If not, we will pay the difference of the percentage of kWh that we haven’t managed to save and use the tariff presented in the proposal and calculate the energy cost.

From installation, the management systems take around 3 weeks for the self-learning programme to kick in. After that period, dependent on your bill your set up and seasonal period, you should start to notice in your bills/kwh burned in around 1-6 month period after having the energy systems installed.

Yes it can, we individually zone heaters. We install an outstation which is connected directly to the heater and actually draws it power from the heater. (The outstation monitors and feeds information from the control panel to the heater). We also install an internal sensor near the outstation or in a desired location by the customer to monitor the internal temperature in that specific area where the heater is located. From the panel, each heater will be displayed with its own individual actual and target temperature which you can set accordingly and set time regimes around each heater using the energy management software.

By entering an Annual Service Agreement with us we help our customers maintain their energy management software after it has been installed. Our technical team will get in touch annually to an Engineer to undergo a service of the systems, where they will re-calibrate sensors to make sure they are set to the right centigrade. Also, they will check connection cables and each outstation. They will go through any time or temperature regimes, to ensure it set correctly to how the customer requires.

Our technical team will be in touch to let customers know if there any new energy management software upgrades and will be able to update the system remotely. Any hardware to match the software will be at discounted rate. By having access to the above, the service agreement helps maintain the energy efficiency of the system which ultimately helps keep energy consumption low and maximise on savings.

Free access to our Helpdesk 24/7, 365 days of the year – Where our technical team can help with any issues or queries. Also, they are able to give out daily codes for Heating/Engineering access.

If there is a problem with the system and our technical team have established they need to send an engineer out – You will not be charged for the call out. Our Engineers will provide a status report which will identify issue and how to resolve.

Projects & Case Studies

We’ve helped companies of all sizes and sectors
Pilot Group have successfully helped a large number of different companies find solutions, saving them money, energy and time. Here at Pilot Group we don’t only provide you with the service but we provide you with answers and solutions to problems you may be facing. Our services are designed to help you from the very first point of interaction right through to the maintenance and support stages. See all of our success stories below.

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