TWM Provide Cost-Effective Vehicle Activated Sign For Dudley Council

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TWM Provide Cost-Effective Vehicle Activated Sign For Dudley Council

Dudley Council approached TWM for a project based in a residential area on the outskirts of Dudley, located in the West Midlands in England.

The Challenge

The project involved a staggered junction with poor visibility, located just past a sharp bend in the road. Previous measures (warning signs, SLOW markings, high-friction surfacing) saw an initial reduction in injury collisions along the route, but collisions had crept up again over recent years.

The road is a classified road on a bus route, so vertical traffic calming was not an option. Therefore, the challenge was to provide a suitable alternative to reduce vehicle speeds and warn drivers of the potential hazards of turning vehicles ahead.

Vehicle activated sign in Dudley

The Solution

Having previously worked together on several projects, TWM were invited by Dudley Council to provide a potential option to address the problem. TWM put forward a comprehensive solution which met all the needs of Dudley Council and used high quality products from the TWM range. The signage was light weight, reinforced with channel bars and the MVD was discretely positioned within the sign body, showing no external traces of a detector, yet allowing maximum detection distance.

The durable and lightweight aluminium casing ensured a robust, clean aesthetic which is unique to TWM-designed signage. All TWM signs are designed and made in the UK, which was an important deciding factor for Dudley Council.

Given the position of the staggered junction, after a tight bend, signage was required to notify drivers of the hazard in advance of the bend. This involved a 750mm vehicle-activated triangle warning sign with flashing ambers on each corner and dual text display below.

TWM’s sign includes an integrated staggered junction sign, designed to mirror the triangular warning signs described in the TSR&GD, with an in-built radar, which detects speeding vehicles before the bend. This combined with above ground radar technology at the junction, warning approaching drivers of ‘TURNING VEHICLES’ around the bend. Due to the nature of the site and proximity of the sign, a wireless communication was preferred to enable the solution to function effectively.

The vehicle-activated sign was also complemented by TWM’s interactive chevrons on the bend

The traffic calming signage ensured cars would slow down when approaching the junction/bend ahead by giving warning of the specific hazard at the appropriate time.

The use of LED lights within our signage ensures a high-performance output with virtually no maintenance. It was important to Dudley Council that the solution provided was cost-effective and so the use of LEDs ensured significant longevity will be achieved with the sign.

Heidi Marsh-Geyton, Acting Director of Public Realm at Dudley Council commented:

“The location presented a number of problems to overcome, and TWM worked with Dudley Council to provide this innovative solution. Vehicle activated signs are well established, but this is a great example of the next step in ‘intelligent’ signs. Signs that don’t just activate with speed but can warn drivers of more than one hazard at the appropriate time.

The integrated sign face also eliminates the need for separate warning signs, reducing street clutter. We look forward to seeing the benefits that this solution will bring to Dudley’s roads, and to working with TWM again in the future”

Energy management system panel

Kevin Marshall, Company Director at TWM, comments:

“We were pleased to work alongside Dudley Council to deliver the new signage notifying drivers of a potential hazard after a bend in the road. We hope that by installing this LED vehicle activated signage we have created a safer environment for road users and pedestrians, calming traffic and slowing down speeding vehicles.”

Chris Rayner, National Sales Manager for TWM, has further cemented this statement by commenting:

“This project displayed the variety of challenges that our clients can face when trying to keep our national road networks safe. Our expert team used their years of experience and our flexible manufacturing techniques to adapt our standard products into a fully comprehensive, SMART, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE solution. We look forward to providing many more solutions of this nature to clients moving forward.”

After the successful installation of the signage TWM is pleased to continue their relationship with Dudley Council and looks forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.

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