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Vickers’ Energy Management System makes savings all round

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Thanks to an energy management system (EMS) from Vickers, DS Smith – one of the world’s leading providers of corrugated packaging and a specialist in plastic packaging – has enjoyed impressive cost savings in excess of 60%, and reduced its carbon footprint by 27 tonnes over a three year period.

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What can the systems do?

Vickers’ Energy Management Systems enable commercial and industrial premises to gain control of their heating and reduce energy bills and COemissions at the same time. Featuring highly accurate digital air sensors located in each zone to optimise the performance of a heating system, the EMS can eliminate any wasted energy with precision accuracy. Thanks to an advanced self-learning programme, the system can also calculate the necessary burn time for each heater to achieve its target temperature and can detect how long a heater will take to cool down and switch off accordingly.

Installed in 2015 at the DS Smith site in Sheerness, Kent, Vickers’ EMS was primarily specified to control the company’s consumption of gas in their warehousing facility. The investment was also projected to reduce carbon emissions and make cost savings of 30%. However, after just three years, the company has more than doubled its projected savings by reducing gas expenditure by a remarkable £5,665. Commenting on this achievement, Dave Almond at DS Smith said:

“Thanks to our investment in a Vickers’ EMS, we have not only reduced our CO2 emissions, we have saved a significant amount of money by reducing our energy consumption, and this has more than covered the cost of our original investment. Moving forward, it’s reassuring to know that we will continue to reap the rewards of an accurate heating control system that delivers maximum energy efficiency, whilst enjoying full after sales support from Vickers.”

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The EMS is also compatible with lighting systems. Commenting on DS Smith’s results, Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Vickers said:

“Very often, companies are deterred by the capital outlay required to install an EMS. However, as demonstrated by DS Smith, the payback period for the initial investment typically can be up to just 2 or 3 years depending on the current usage, and thereafter, significant savings in energy and COemissions can continue to be enjoyed.”

Vickers’ advanced EMS can be monitored from any location thanks to cloud-based technology. In addition to viewing performance and energy usage, changes can be made from any internet enabled device thereby providing the ultimate in control. Monthly reports can also be generated to show the benefits gained from installing this system. The system comes with a complimentary 12-month warranty and service agreement that includes an onsite annual health check, engineer call outs, and software updates, and this can be extended at any time. The Vickers highly trained team carry out a detailed and informative audit of each premises, which is then used to create a proposal of how the VickersMgr will reduce fuel costs by 25% – guaranteed – or they will pay the difference!

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