What is an Energy Management System?


What is an Energy Management System?

In its simplest description, an energy management system is a tool used by businesses to help organise, track and streamline their energy management tasks and controls. Systems vary in their functionality but one of the most important benefits is it gives the user an overview of their system, usage data and that data, in turn, allows them to go away and understand where energy is possibly being wasted or highlight inefficiencies.

The importance of an EMS is highlighted by the fact businesses in the UK are paying around £60 million in energy bills for wasted energy, a staggering amount of money considering it could easily be prevented.

Benefits for the bottom line

The bottom line of an energy management system, also known as an EMS, is to save a company money and make the Facilities Manager / Energy Manager’s job easier. A good system will combine energy-saving features with providing the data to drive change in the business which sees a further reduction in emissions.

Congestion on roads

Choosing the features of your EMS

When deciding on an EMS for your business, you first need to understand why you are looking to install one. Is it because you want better visibility of your energy usage? Or possibly because you want to significantly reduce your energy consumption? Whatever the reason, you need to ensure the system has the features that you require.

Integration capability with your building management system

Other factors to consider when looking into an EMS is whether it integrates with your current systems, for example, a building management system, as some energy management systems can save you even more than your current BMS does.

At Pilot Group, our EMS has a variety of features that helps you get better control of your energy, saving you money as you help save the planet. The system has features that range from scheduling and metering to lighting and air conditioning control, and remote access to look into live usage data and reports. These are just some of the features that not only save significant amounts on your heating bill (on average 40% ) but also provide you with the data to drive positive change throughout your business.

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