Why Corporate Social Responsibility Is More Important Than Ever

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility Is More Important Than Ever

We have mentioned several times just how much of a focus there is on “green” initiatives, sustainability, and people being more carbon conscious. It stems from these points but also the chance of businesses being left behind that makes corporate social responsibility more important than ever. We are taking a looking at two of the points that might make your business bring CSR to the front of mind and include it in your strategies going forward.

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It’s a Selling Point & Improves Brand Reputation

As consumers become more educated on the topic of sustainability and what is damaging to our planet, purchasing decisions will continue to increase to match this. Millennials are now reaching the age where they are in decision-making roles for companies so this point is the same for both B2C and B2B sectors. The microscope is well and truly on where products come from and any lasting damage they could be doing to the planet.

If your brand has sustainability at the core of your offering, whether this is ensuring packaging is biodegradable or that your warehouses are the most energy-efficient/low impact on the environment, it gives you additional selling points. Frequently these are the brands that are also securing amazing PR opportunities as it’s the kind of story that is topical for media outlets.

These points stand even before we touch on the aspect that lowering your carbon footprint and being a more “green” company can save you money. Making processes and systems such as heating more efficient whilst also consuming fewer materials like paper will all contribute to slashing your costs. Seems like a win-win when it’s giving you an extra USP.

CSR goes beyond the sustainability aspect, even though it’s one of the most talked-about angles currently, so it’s not to say that you can’t also improve your reputation with other initiatives. Many companies support charities and raise significant funds which are always incredible. It’s often the brands that have their CSR initiatives ingrained in their values that reflect well externally as it seems like the business truly cares.

People Will Want to Work For You

The other benefit we wanted to touch on is that people want to work for companies that are carbon conscious and look to be sustainable. A study carried out in the US saw staggering results that not only 70% of people surveyed were more likely to work for a company that has a strong green footprint, but over 10% would also even take a pay cut to do so! As probably expected, younger generations felt most strongly about this with over a third of Gen Z and Millennials saying it would be a deal-breaker when choosing a role.

These stats were also reflected when it came to retaining talent at a business. Any company would like to keep and develop their staff as well as attract the top talent and it seems like having a focus on sustainability is one of the ways to do just that. The importance of keeping your best team together is only emphasised when looking at the average cost to fill a role in the UK, £3000.

These are just two of the many benefits of introducing a good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. When it comes to reducing your energy consumption and making that switch to EV to lower your carbon footprint, Pilot Group are here to help. You can learn more by visiting our other web pages or by calling us on 0161 5076862.

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