Why Flexible Working Calls For Better Energy Management

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Why Flexible Working Calls For Better Energy Management

We all know about the huge impact the past year has had on businesses and one area that seems to have changed significantly is flexible working, some forced and now others simply embracing it. Office spaces and workplaces that were left empty are now seeing several colleagues return to them but in a hybrid fashion that sees a large amount of remote working.

Effective energy management with remote working

Companies now face the challenge of balancing the convenience remote working has provided for many employees with the costs associated with still running an office/workplace efficiently. This is where effective energy management systems and processes are needed to ensure that wastage is limited. No one wants to be lighting or heating areas of a property that don’t have anyone in, especially with the pressure businesses are facing with regards to reducing their carbon emissions.

Remote zone control of lighting

Zone control for heating and lighting

Heating and lighting are two of the most significant costs but also two that you can have the most control over. With a good energy management system, you will have zones around your property that can be controlled individually, both for heating and lighting, which means you can switch them on and off when required.

If this is paired up with the scheduling feature, you can set shift patterns for the times in the week you know those areas are going to be populated. For example, if the warehouse team or finance team are only in the property 3 days a week from 9 until 5, you can set the heating and lighting to be on during that period.

Using real-time data in energy management

The data provided from a system such as the Pilot Group EMS will let you see in real-time your energy usage across not only in one property but across multiple sites. This allows you to spot when there is usage in an area you don’t think there should be and follow it up then and there, rather than retrospectively when the money has already been wasted.

This data can also be used alongside that from RFID cards, seeing the number of people in the building, the departments they are in and then manually adjusting your energy usage via the remote access feature.

With this information you now know where and when your energy is being consumed and you can build out an energy plan or strategy to further reduce not only the impact on your bottom line but also the planet.

The technology across this industry continues to progress with smarter sensors and automation features with the features you require depending on what you are looking to achieve and the size of the business. Our team of experts are on-hand to talk you through how an energy management system could benefit you as well as organise a free site audit.

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