Why Your Business Should Care About Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

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Why Your Business Should Care About Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

It’s the hot topic that won’t go away, why should your business care about reducing their carbon footprint? We have taken a look into a few of those reasons and how the benefits both short and long-term are worth the investment.

Protect Your Reputation

The impact on reputation can come in multiple ways, the first being the negative connotations that come with using a large amount of energy, in particular fossil fuels. This can see businesses ending up with negative press or simply see certain tender applications voided due to not meeting the environmental requirements.

The second part is around conscious consumerism and its growing popularity in both the B2C world, where consumers care where their products are coming from and the B2B world, where brands have started to take into account their suppliers carbon footprint when working out their own total impact on the planet. We could start to see more businesses shifting to environmentally friendly suppliers in the next few years.

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Ease The Transition To A Sustainable Future

With the amount of focus put on lowering the impacts of global warming we have seen various changes to legislation that puts energy consumption under the microscope. Whether you’re a large scale business who legally has to report usage or an SME that is trying to do their bit, it’s clear to see that we are heading in the direction of further regulations down the line.

Businesses that are already looking to lower their emissions will get a head start on the competition, not only by gaining a unique selling point but also in being able to spread out the cost of meeting future regulations. There are a variety of businesses who have already started the process on big scales

Reduce your Costs

It’s one of the reasons that gets businesses most interested. By lowering your carbon footprint this frequently means you have lowered your energy usage which helps you save on the bottom line. Investing in things like an energy management system can see a significant saving, Carpenter & Paterson saved over £27,000 in the first year after installing the Pilot Group EMS.

It isn’t always viable for businesses to spend on becoming more environmentally friendly but when it comes to an EMS it actually saves money and can even be paid for with the savings to avoid any large outlays.

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